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  • Slide: Sharon Donaldson, Maureen Spell, Barbara Mortkowitz, Barbara Vineyard, Betty Wall, JoAnn Cookman

    Sharon Donaldson, Maureen Spell, Barbara Mortkowitz, Barbara Vineyard, Betty Wall, JoAnn Cookman

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Upcoming Events

6:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Held on the first Monday of each month (except July and August). Most meetings are held at 12:30 p.m. in the Fireside Room on the Sierra College Rocklin Campus. Meetings include lunch, business and a short program that highlights artists, musicians, students and more. Programs are always interesting and informative or entertaining.

Lunch reservations can be made by calling Joan Edwards at (916) 663-3408 by the Thursday prior to the meeting.


Patrons was organized on January 9, 1984 as an arm of the Sierra College Foundation with 28 charter members. Miriam Lockard served the organization as its first president.

Philanthropic Activities

Annually Patrons provide $5000 in grants to the Arts and Humanities Departments. Emphasis is on grants that directly affect students. Faculty applications are due September 30th and February 10th.

Here is a link to the application.

Additional funding is awarded during the year as the opportunity arises. Patrons award an annual $500 scholarship to a student in the Arts. (Music, Art, Drama) Patrons give four $50 awards annually to students competing in the student art show.

Patrons serve as ushers for drama and music productions, contribute to the Food Closet regularly, support the Guardian Scholar program with gift cards for students and supports the Sierra College Veterans Program.

Since Patrons was established in 1984 more than $320,000 has been donated to Sierra College. Notable contributions include Ridley Gallery $18,000, Theatre improvements $31,400, Carillon Bells $8000, Art on Campus $20,200, $10,000 in scholarships for local students to attend Donner Mine Music Camp and Technology upgrades instruction in many areas. Joint fund raising has also provided $55,240 for the Aquatics Teams.

Annual Events

  • Bake Sale – in the Quad on the Rocklin Campus and again before Easter Break.
  • Annual Vintage Marketplace (formerly Flea Affaire) Quad on the Rocklin Campus, admission $5. Saturday, May 26, 2018
  • Crab Feed with Sierra College Aquatics at McBean Park Pavilion in Lincoln. Feb. 15, 2019


Membership dues are $40 per year. Members joining after January 1 pay a prorated amount.

Volunteer Activities

Ridley Gallery: Weekly hosts.

Graduation: Rocklin Campus - Patrons members serve as hosts and distribute programs.

Officers for 2018-2019

President: Julie Stringham
1st Vice President: Maureen Spell
2nd Vice President: Barbara Mortkowitz
Recording Secretary: Barbara Vineyard
Corresponding Secretary: Betty Wall
Treasurer: Sharon Donaldson
Parliamentarian: JoAnn Cookman

For information on events, please email sierracollegepatrons@gmail.com

Contact: (916) 660-8232

Patrons Past Presidents

1984-85-Miriam Lockard

1985-86-Valeta Procise

1986-87-Marjorie Sanchez

1987-88-Anne Deets

1988-89-Kay Baugh     

1989-90-Helen Phillips

1990-91-Pat Bryant

1991-92-Ann Deets

1992-93-Betty Oakley

1993-94-Betty Oakley

1994-95-Tommie Moller

1995-96-Tommie Moller

1996-97-Willa Comstock

1997-98-Julie Stringham

1998-99-Julie Stringham

1999-2000-Valeta Procise

2000-01-Joan Edwards

2001-02-Joan Edwards

2002-03-Dorothy Hawkins

2003-04-Nancy Kelley

2004-05-Edna Goldenberg

2005-06-Linda Manion

2007-08-Julie Stringham

2008-09-Julie Stringham

2009-10-Laurel Piper

2010-11-Laurel Piper

2011-12-Ann Fellows

2012-13-Julie Stringham

2013-14-Julie Stringham

2014-17-Barbara Vineyard

2017-2018-JoAnn Cookman

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