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Sierra Promise Endowment

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Sierra College has a Promise for high school students who may have never considered college, and for those who think college isn’t possible. The Sierra Promise offers access to education with an eye on success.


I'm in! Are you?

Of the many incoming Sierra Promise students, each year approximately 300 have extreme need and little to no outside support. Through state and federal aid, they are able to pay fees and some educational expenses, but they still need assistance with items including food, transportation, books, and more.

Sierra College Foundation is raising a $1,000,000 Sierra Promise Endowment to establish a sustainable program and offer continued support for high need students. Can you help?

How will funds be spent?

Promise Endowment funds are a last dollar option for Sierra Promise students who have exhausted all other funding (i.e.  AB 19 funds, Cal Grant, scholarships, etc.). Awards are made on a case-by-case basis under the guidance of a Sierra College Counselor. Those with needs identified can access up to $500 per semester to help close the gap and meet basic needs including books, school supplies, food, transportation, housing stipends, and more.

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Meet Andi:

Andi was a meth addict at age 14. Expelled from high school, she had no family support and ended up staying with friends. She went to a continuation school, but high school graduation was a big IF for her. Attending college was never in the picture.

Through Sierra Promise, Andi took a field trip to Sierra College. She toured many departments, but was especially inspired by the Nursing Village. Suddenly, for the first time in her life – she knew what she wanted to do. She wasn’t sure how to make it happen, but she worked hard in high school and successfully kicked her drug addiction. Despite earlier worries that she wouldn’t graduate, she did – and ahead of schedule. With the assistance of Sierra Promise staff, she focused on how to attend Sierra College. Her Sierra Promise counselor helped with every stage – filling out the application, completing her FAFSA, even driving her to take assessment tests. Andi was overwhelmed and a bit terrified, but she began Sierra and has already successfully finished her first semester. She said it has been tough, but worth it. She’s excited for her future.

Together We Promise…   A successful student = A strong workforce = A thriving community

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