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Jan. 13
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The Spectrum Committee, as a standing committee of the Academic Senate, exists as a formal body whose mission included improving the success and retention of Sierra College’s LGBTIQ students as well as ensuring them a safe campus climate. As LGBTIQ persons are found across every demographic, the Spectrum Committee seeks to work collaboratively with other campus groups and programs to promote equity across ethnic and racial, socioeconomic, creed and political backgrounds. The title, “Spectrum” was chosen as a commitment to represent all aspects of the LGBTIQ populations.


Johnnie Terry (Chair); Julie Bruno, Anne Fleischmann; Jane Hemmerling; Megan Seely; Stephanie Coday; Vicki Day; Tricia Lord; Patty Miller; Katy Juras

Meeting Times and Locations:

Meets 2nd and 4th Thursdays; 4-5pm, LRC 313



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Spectrum supports a variety of events at Sierra College such as Pride Days.

In 2012, George Raya, a gay rights, labor, and latino activist, gave an inspiring keynote address at Sierra College about gay rights and gay rights history.

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