Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions at Sierra College

At Sierra College, it is our incredible, diverse workforce that make the campus operate successfully in order to support students—from our custodial and facilities staff to our administrative assistants, student services staff, budget and accounting employees to our information technology employees, human resources employees, mail and warehouse staff, library employees, instructors, counselors, just to name a few. We are so proud and grateful for all the employees that make up our campus community.

Below is a list of job titles and their respective job descriptions within the Sierra Joint Community College District, which are listed by employee group.

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Job Descriptions A - H

Job Descriptions H - K

Job Descriptions L - Z

Academic Support and Technology Specialist


Accounts Payable Technician

Administrative Assistant (Tahoe-Truckee)

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Services Technician

Applied Art Design, Photography Technology Specialist

Articulation Officer

Assistive Technology Specialist

Athletic Trainer

Audio Visual Telecommunications Technician

Bus Driver, Custodian

Counseling Assistant, CAYFES


Curriculum Specialist


Database Systems Administrator

Distance Learning Support Specialist

DSPS Technician

DSPS and Veterans Technician

Energy Maintenance Specialist

Facilities Maintenance Energy Specialist

Facilities Maintenance Specialist (Extension Site)

Facilities Maintenance Technician

Facilities Operations Assistant

Financial Aid, CAYFES and Guardian Scholars Student Services Technician

Financial Aid Outreach Technician

Financial Aid Specialist

Financial Aid Technician

General Services Technician

Graphics Specialist

Grounds Maintenance Technician



Health Services DSPS Technician

Health Services Technician

Human Resources Specialist

Human Resources Technician 

Information Systems Analyst, Financial Aid

Information Systems Analyst, Student Success and Student Program

Information Systems Analyst, Student

Information Systems Specialist, Finance

Information Systems Specialist, Human Resources

Instructional Assistant, Advanced Manufacturing, Construction and Welding

Instructional Assistant, Astronomy

Instructional Assistant, Biological Sciences

Instructional Assistant, Career Development

Instructional Assistant, Chemistry

Instructional Assistant, Biological Sciences

Instructional Assistant, Career Development

Instructional Assistant, Chemistry

Instructional Assistant, CIS, Drafting and Engineering Support

Instructional Assistant, Earth Science

Instructional Assistant, English

Instructional Assistant, Makerspace

Instructional Assistant, Math/ Technology

Instructional Assistant, Math

Instructional Assistant, Mechatronics

Instructional Assistant, NCC Learning Center, Writing Center

Instructional Assistant, Student Success and Support Program - Outreach (Nevada County Campus)

Instructional Assistant, Physics

Instructional Assistant, Plant Sciences

Instructional Assistant, Public Safety Programs

Instructional Assistant, Student Success and Support Program

Instructional Assistant Technical Support (Extension Site)

Instructional Assistant, Writing Center

Instructional Designer

Junior Accountant


Laboratory Technician, Automotive Technology

Library Assistant

Library Technical Technology Specialist

Mail Services Technician

Marketing Assistant

Network Support Specialist

Payroll Technician

Plant Operations Coordinator

Procurement Contract Analyst

Professional Development Program Coordinator

Project Specialist

Purchasing Coordinator

Reprographics Technician

Research Analyst

RISE Program Specialist

Security Specialist IIT

Senior Financial Aid Specialist

Senior Research Analyst, Research

Student Services Technician, Library and Learning Center (Nevada County Campus)

Student Communication Specialist

Student Engagement Specialist

Student Services Specialist (Roseville Center)

Student Services Specialist

Student Services Technician

Systems Administrator

Systems Analyst Programmer, Senior

Systems Analyst Programmer

Systems Support Specialist

Technical Support Specialist

Telecommunications Systems Specialist

Theatre Technician

Vehicle and Equipment Technician

Video Production and Support Specialist

Warehouse Technician

Web Content Specialist

Web Developer and Designer



Job Descriptions A - C Job Descriptions D - L Job Descriptions M  - Z

Adaptive Physical Education Instructor

Administration of Justice Instructor, Program Coordinator

Administration of Justice, Instructor

Advanced Manufacturing Instructor

Agriculture Instructor

Allied Health Instructor

Anthropology Instructor

Art History Instructor

Art Studio Instructor

Astronomy Instructor

Automotive Technology Instructor

Biology Instructor, General Biology

Biology Instructor, Human Anatomy and Physiology

Biology Instructor, Microbiology

Business Instructor

Business Law Instructor

Campus Life Coordinator

Chemistry Instructor, Analytical

Chemistry Instructor, Biochemistry

Chemistry Instructor, Organic

Chemistry Instructor


Communication Studies Instructor

Computer Information Systems Instructor

Computer Integrated Electronics Instructor

Computer Science Instructor

Construction Technology Instructor

Counseling Coordinator


Counselor, CalWORKS

Counselor, Career Connections

Counselor, EOPS

Counselor, Lead CARE Advocate

Counselor, TRiO

Developmental Mathematics Instructor

Drama Instructor

DSPS Coordinator

Economics Instructor

Engineering Support Technology Instructor

English Instructor

Environmental Horticulture Instructor

Environmental Studies Instructor

ESL Instructor

Ethnic Studies Instructor

Faculty Researcher

Fire Technology Instructor

Fire Technology Instructor/ Coordinator

French Instructor

Game Manager

General Counselor, Lead Campus Advocate

General Counselor/Lead CARE Advocate

Geography Instructor, Cultural and Physical

Geology and Earth Science Instructor

German Instructor

Graphic Design Instructor

Health Services Coordinator

History Instructor

Human Development and Family Instructor

Information Technology Instructor

Interim Assistant Faculty Coordinator, Distance Learning

Kinesiology Instructor, Assistant Coach - Football

Kinesiology Instructor, Head Coach - Indoor and Beach Volleyball

Learning Center Faculty Coordinator

Learning Disabilities Specialist


LRC Coordinator 

Math Center Coordinator

Math Instructor

Mechatronics Instructor

Metal and Manufacturing Technology Instructor

Music Instructor

Nurse Practitioner

Nursing Instructor, Fundamentals and Medical-Surgical

Nursing Instructor, Obstetrics and Medical-Surgical

Nursing Instructor, Psychiatric and Advanced Medical Surgical

Nutrition and Life Management Instructor

Philosophy Instructor

Photography Instructor

Physical Education Instructor

Physical Education Instructor/ Head Coach

Physical Education Instructor/ Head Coach - Men's Tennis

Physical Education Instructor, Head Coach - Women's Basketball

Physics Instructor

Political Science Instructor

Psychology Instructor, General Psychology

Psychology Instructor, Social, Cognitive and Quantitative

Reading Instructor

RISE Program Coordinator

Sociology Instructor

Spanish Instructor

Tutor and Testing Center Coordinator

Welding Technology Instructor

Job Descriptions A - D Job Descriptions E - N Job Descriptions O - Z

Associate Dean, Business and Technology

Associate Dean, Liberal Arts

Associate Dean, Sciences and Mathematics

Associate Dean, Student Services

Career and Transfer Connections Manager

Chief of Security

Chief Technology Officer

Dean, Allied Health

Dean, Career, Continuing and Technical Education

Dean, Kinesiology and Athletics Director

Dean, Liberal Arts

Dean, Library Learning Resource Center

Dean, Planning, Research and Resource Development

Dean, Professional and Organizational Development and Distance Learning

Dean, Sciences and Mathematics

Dean, Student Services

Dean, Tahoe-Truckee

Deputy Title IX Coordinator, EEO and Employee Relations Investigator

Director Enrollment Services, Admissions and Records

Director Enrollment Services, Financial Aid

Director of Budget and Financial Planning

Director of EEO, Diversity and Title IX

Director of Finance

Director of Human Resources

Director of Marketing and Community Relations

Director of Student Success

Director, Facilities Development and Construction Management

Executive Assistant to the President

Executive Assistant, Office of the Vice President

Executive Dean, Nevada County Campus

Executive Dean, Student Equity and Completion

Executive Dean, Student Success and Instruction

Facilities Construction Contract Supervisor

Interim Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Interim Sierra Connect (Starfish) Project Coordinator

Manager, Finance

Manager, Technical Support Services

Marketing Project Manager

Outreach Manager

Plant Operations Supervisor

Plant Operations Supervisor II

Program Director, Dual Enrollment

Program Director, Distance Learning

Program Director, Special Program and Services

Program Director, Health and Social Services

Program Manager, OLLI

Program Manager, Workforce Innovation

Program Manager and Director, Natural History Museum

Safety and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Supervisor, Student Success and Support Program (Nevada County Campus)

Supervisor, Campus Operations

Supervisor, Residence Housing

Supervisor, Student Services (Nevada County Campus)

Supervisor, Theatre Production

Vice President, Administrative Services

Vice President, Human Resources

Vice President, Instruction

Vice President, Student Services







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