Logo and Branding Guidelines

Sierra College launched a new logo and brand identity. This is the biggest change in our appearance in four decades. The modernized logo honors our heritage and points towards our future. A future where we continue to innovate, supporting our students as they prepare for tomorrow’s workforce.
Sierra College logo

Logo Overview

The new logo is aptly named "Sierra Rising.” Its bold “S” rises from the Sierra Nevada that dominates the District. These mountains have a strong, firm, and broad base that supports dramatic peaks that reach for the sky.

The mountain symbolizes the journey of our students as they reach for their goals. Our commitment has always been to provide students with a solid foundation and pathways to the summit.

The logo’s simple, definitive lines reflect our promise of performance. Timeless and enduring, like its namesake, Sierra College rises.

Our Logo

The core of our brand is the logo. The Sierra College logo is the main graphic for our campuses, programs and general use. It is designed for use in print, web, video and all other uses.

For logos and brand assets contact Marketing or, if faculty or staff, download from insideSierra.

Branding Guidelines

A true brand identity permeates the organization. It is used for business cards, the website, signage, emails, letterheads, and forms. Defining our logo, color palette, type, voice and graphic elements is just the beginning. When and how to use these elements is key to ensuring our brand becomes consistently experienced across the entire district.

Download Branding Guidelines

Our Brand Message

"Sierra College offers a broad, rigorous and evolving education with top quality faculty and a supportive environment at a great value. The sum of these elements empowers students to pursue their dreams and build a pathway to their future."

Brand Attributes

Our research shows that these terms best describe Sierra College:

  • Innovative: Fosters creative thinking
  • Inclusive: Open to all
  • Empowering: Supports students and employees
  • Community Focused: Committed to the communities we serve
  • Supportive: Provides opportunities for students and employees to thrive
  • Energetic: Campuses have positive energy and ongoing, engaging activities
  • Leader: Pioneer in higher education and workforce innovation

Why Identity and Brand Matter

A strong brand is important because it embodies who we are. It helps people know us at a glance. It gives students, staff, and community members a way to show their pride for Sierra College.

Contact Marketing

Rocklin Campus Ut

Email: branding@sierracollege.edu
Phone: (916) 660-7272