Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Information and Resources for Sierra College DACA Students

This page will be kept up to date with information regarding DACA.

California to become a 'Sanctuary State' in 2018

This article from the Sacramento Bee outlines the new law California Gov. Jerry Briown signed into law furthering the protections for undocumented people in California.

Sacramento Bee Article on California as a "Sanctuary" state.

From the Chancellor's Office: Information about the One-time Emergency Financial Aid Funding for AB540 students.

DACA Renewal Scholarship

California Community Colleges Encourage Students to Apply for the DACA Renewal Scholarship by Oct. 5. Scholarship Opportunities from the Mission Asset Fund of $495 Available for Dreamers.

For more information download this Press Release

Click here for a list of resources from the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office.

A Message from Sierra College President William Duncan regarding DACA

In response to the latest memorandum issued by the Department of Homeland Security that the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will be ending, we are deeply concerned for the welfare of Sierra College students impacted by this decision.

I join many of my colleagues in the state in expressing disappointment in this news and want to express continued support for the education of all students who graduate from our high schools and others who want to pursue higher education.  Sierra College is committed to building a supportive and diverse community that embraces equity and inclusion for all and we will continue to advocate for open access education that includes DACA students.  I want to assure our students and employees, Sierra is here to for you and will do all we can to continue to be a part of your success.

In light of this decision, we want to reaffirm our commitment to supporting our DACA Wolverines.   As a California resident enrolled at Sierra, you can be assured, the Board of Governors Fee Waiver and the California Dream Act opportunities are still in place.  Sierra College also provides the following resources to our students and staff who may wish to learn more about DACA and also support families and students who are impacted by this decision.

Some Off Campus Legal Resources include:

It is my firm belief that we are stronger when we stand together in celebration of our differences.

Thank you,
William Duncan

Do you currently have DACA?

California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation is providing FREE legal assistance for DACA renewals every Wednesday and Friday of September. Applicants will be seen by appointment only. Please call 916-446-7901 for an appointment.

For those living in rural California communities outside of Sacramento County, please call 916- 446-7901 to discuss options for electronic review of DACA renewal applications.

Unfortunately, if you have never had DACA or your DACA expires after March 5, 2018, you can no longer apply for or renew DACA.

Download the DACA Renewal Workshops Flyer

UndocuAlly logo of Sierra College

Trained to be an UndocuAlly

Any faculty or staff displaying this logo has received a three-hour training to support undocumented and AB540 students at Sierra College.

Want to join the list of faculty and staff who wish to attend the next training? Contact the Student Equity division.