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This directory is designed to assist reporters and groups looking for speakers locate Sierra faculty, management, or staff who can offer expert analysis and background information on a range of subject areas. Individuals are listed under area of expertise. 

If you need an expert on a subject not listed, or have trouble reaching someone, please contact the Marketing and Public Relations Office.

Featured Speaker: Richard P. Hilton, Professor of Geology and Paleontology

Dick HiltonA Professor of Earth Science at Sierra College, a paleontological consultant and, with his wife Kristin, Dick works as a world traveling naturalist. He received his Bachelors in Geology and a Masters in Earth Science at CSU Chico.

Dick is also the chairman of the Sierra College Natural History Museum, the Northern California Natural History Museum and the Nevada Paleontology Association. He has taught geology and field paleontology at Sierra College since 1981. In 2003, Dick published Dinosaurs and Other Mesozoic Reptiles of California (University of California Press). (916) 660-7945

Topics by Professor Hilton

  • Dinosaurs and Other Mesozoic Reptiles of California 
  • The life of Charles Darwin
  • Field Paleontology at Sierra College
  • Photographing Nature
  • A Naturalists look at Costa Rica
  • A Naturalists look at Australia
  • A Naturalists look at East Africa
  • Selected topics in California Geology 
  • Selected Natural Histories of National Parks

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