Darwin’s Armadillos

Darwin’s Armadillos

Entrance to the Sierra College Museum of Natural History

Check out our brand-new exhibit on South American mammals! See fossils and replicas from species that intrigued Charles Darwin on his famous voyage aboard the HMS Beagle.

New armadillo exhibit

Discover an ancient form of giant armadillo called spike-tailed glyptodonts. These giants look huge alongside their closest modern relative, the chipmunk-sized pink fairy armadillo.

In addition to other modern and extinct armadillos, we have several kinds of extinct ground sloths. We also have a jaguar and a three-toed sloth elsewhere in the Museum.

Giant sloth exhibit Armadillos in Sierra College's new exhibit

The exhibit was made possible with donated funds and materials from the following:

  • Roseville Rock Rollers
  • The Fossils For Fun Society
  • Stanley Davis II
  • And many others

The new exhibit is in room S-110 at the Sierra Natural History Museum. Visit the Museum online for more info and hours.