Meet Nooria Munir, Sociology Major, ASSC President

Nooria Munir, ASSC President

Meet Nooria Munir, who is in her final year of Sierra College. While volunteering for ASSC, she wrote statewide resolutions ensuring that any California community college can have meditation spaces, equity centers and campus childcare centers. She hopes to transfer to UC Berkeley and would like to work in law and write public policy. Also, she’s pretty sure she’s in Slytherin House.

What do you plan to do when you graduate?
I hope to graduate from Sierra with two degrees, one in sociology and the other in social justice. This is my third and final year, and I would like to transfer to UC Berkeley and minor in public policy.
How many years have you volunteered for the ASSC? What positions have you held?
I volunteered for the last two years in ASSC, and this will be my third year being a part of it. My first year I was student senator, my second year I was vice president and now I’m student body president and student trustee.
What was it like running for president?
Running for president was nerve-racking. I didn’t campaign much because I was running unopposed. I told all of my friends and professors that I was running and tried to spread the news through word of mouth rather than posters and t-shirts.
I honestly did not plan to run until a month before the applications were available. The student senate can be stressful, and I felt that maybe taking a break for my final year at Sierra would be right. However, the student senate has been my family at Sierra since I’ve been here, so leaving without trying just didn’t feel right and I knew I would regret it if I didn’t run, so I did. I’m very humbled and thankful to be in this position today. I know it is a great responsibility, but I do feel qualified and experienced enough to handle my position this year.
What is your proudest achievement as an ASSC leader?
My proudest achievement as an ASSC leader has been writing three of the four resolutions Sierra College has sent to the Statewide Student Senate and all four have passed.
Resolutions are like ideas that can become policies if voted on and lobbied for. My three resolutions are for having meditation spaces on campus for students, equity centers and campus childcare centers.
All three passed, and now other community colleges in California can have these centers if they do not already.
What is your favorite thing about student government?
My favorite thing about student government is serving the students and creating real change. It’s very rewarding, and I’m blessed I get to do this.
Do you plan to do any government or policy work after you leave Sierra?
I would like to work in law and also write public policy eventually, so I see myself working in government.
Our new tagline is “Find Your Amazing”: What is the amazing thing you found at Sierra?
The amazing thing I found at Sierra is my voice.
I was never involved with school before Sierra, and the student senate helped me discover my potential and improve on my public speaking skills. I’m not nearly as shy as I used to be, and I’ve gained confidence from the leadership opportunities I’ve been given. I learned it’s important to speak up, ask questions and voice your opinion because it’s better to say something than to regret that you said nothing.
What Sierra teacher was most influential to you?
The Sierra teacher that was most influential to me was Tim Haenny [Tim Haenny passed away July 16, 2017]. He was our senate advisor as well as my professor for a leadership development class I took my first year. He was my mentor at Sierra and among all of the advice that he gave me, the most important quote I remember from him is, Is this the hill you wanna die on?
There have been many times at Sierra where my patience and strength has been tested, and I had to pick and choose my battles. Not everything is worth wasting your time and energy on, so if something is important to you focus on that and prioritize.
What Hogwarts House would you place into and why?
I would be in Slytherin mainly because they take charge and love leading, and that’s what I’m passionate about. They’re also very determined and intelligent, and not all of them are evil!
Slytherin can be arrogant and prideful, and that isn’t something that’s part of my personality. But I’ve taken the Pottermore quiz, and the sorting hat placed me in Slytherin, so that’s what I’m going with!

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