Meet Nadia Delgado Toledo, Biochemistry Major and Recent TRiO Graduate

Nadia Delgado Toledo, TRiO Member and Recent Graduate

Nadia has some pro tips for finding support and succeeding at Sierra College.While she was here, TRiO was like her backbone and helped her to meet her goal of getting into the UC system.

She was in TRiO’s 2016-17 graduating class—our largest class so far, and with the highest overall GPA. TRiO students are the first in their families to graduate with a college degree.

Nadia is starting up at UC San Diego this fall.

What was your major?
I majored in chemical engineering when I first started at Sierra but later changed to biochemistry.
What do you hope to do now that you’ve graduated?
I am on track to get my bachelor’s. I transferred to UC San Diego, and I’m starting my first quarter this fall. I hope I can get an internship or a relevant job on campus while I am there.
While you were at Sierra, did you do any extracurriculars, like sports or art?
I wasn’t very involved my first year, but I met a great group of friends when I started taking chemistry classes, and through them, I joined the microbiology club. It was great because we got to go hiking in Point Reyes to collect bacterial samples and attend microbiology conferences.
What Sierra teacher was most influential to you? What did they do and how did they help you?
Mark Springsteel, my organic chemistry professor, is the most memorable! He was so passionate about organic chem. He had a way of teaching organic chemistry that made it my favorite class I took at Sierra.
He also made an effort to get to know us. We had class superlatives at the end of the fall semester, and in the spring he did a “student of the week.”
Our new tagline is “Find Your Amazing.” What is the amazing thing you found at Sierra?
One amazing thing I found at Sierra was the determination and networking among science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) students. I didn’t expect this when I first began at Sierra. I pretty much thought I was going to be on my own, but this wasn't the case at all. It was great to have a close network of people who shared a lot of the same classes and interests because we would work together to achieve our goals.
How did TRiO help you graduate from Sierra College?
TRiO was like my backbone. I joined the program my second semester at Sierra. They kept me on track with my courses and also cared about me personally.
Without TRiO, I would’ve felt so lost. They really are an amazing support system.
What is unique about your experience as a TRiO student that you could share that might help another student feel like they could also achieve their goals at Sierra?
My experience was not a straight path. There were many fall backs and obstacles, and it will likely be like this for most other students. I would say: Maintain your determination and create a support system by joining programs like TRiO. Join clubs and other extracurriculars if you can, build study groups, and always do extra credit. All of these things helped me achieve my goal of getting into UC San Diego, among other UCs.
Tell us about the people at TRiO, staff and students.
I was a tutor for TRiO for three semesters. With this job, I got to know the staff well, as well as other Trio students. Kara and Sydney are the best! They genuinely care about you as a person.
It was great connecting with other TRiO students because we all had a lot in common.
I am so thankful that TRiO gave me this opportunity to tutor because it helped me find my niche at Sierra. It is like a small community within Sierra where we are all here to support each other.
What was your favorite thing about the TRiO program?
Definitely the people!

Congrats Nadia. We wish you a lot of success at UC San Diego!

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