Meet Amelia Brunkhurst, Watershed Ecology Major at Nevada County Campus (NCC)

Amelia hanging out by the pond at the Nevada County Campus
What’s your major at Sierra College?
I’m doing Watershed Ecology. Basically, it is environmental studies, information, and taking care of our watershed and environment. That’s a big part of our world. We need to take care of our the planet we live on, so that’s what got me interested in the major. I’m also interested in wildlife conservation, and hopefully in working for state parks.
What inspired you to get on this track?
I just really enjoy being outside, backpacking, hiking and stuff like that. I like animals, and I’ve had them since I was young. So I always thought it would be an interesting job to be outside all day.
What kind of classes have you been taking for your major?
I’ve been taking cultural geography. I’ve also been taking the beginning biology class to start off. It’s definitely hard, but it’s fun and I love it.
What year are you in?
This is my first semester actually at Sierra College.
What do you think about it so far?
I really like it! I thought that the campus would be different, but it is actually really beautiful. I love the pond.
Do you study a lot by the pond?
Yeah! Me and my friends will sit by the pond and study, or we’ll have a jam session. My friend has a cello, and other my friend has a violin. I just started playing, but she’ll play classical music. We’ll try to do modern songs too sometimes and do a little bit of a remake.
Are you going to take any music classes at Sierra?
I’m thinking about taking music appreciation or maybe doing choir.
What’s your favorite thing about Sierra?
The teachers are pretty great. My English teacher is Ingrid Keriotis and I love her. She’s really made me love English. I didn’t like English before and I really love it now. She helps you find what you are good at, and she is really patient. She takes time to be really personal.
I like asking one fun question: If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?
I would probably start an animal shelter since I really like animals. Probably a farm animal shelter and take unwanted farm animals. I think that would be really fun.

Thanks Amelia! We wish you a lot of success in the Watershed Ecology Program.