Meet McKenna Henzie, First-Year Student at Nevada County Campus

McKena posing in front of the pond at the Nevada City Campus

Meet McKenna Henzie, First-Year Student at the Nevada County Campus (NCC)

What’s your major?
I’m here to complete my general ed requirements, and then I want to transfer to a four-year university.
Do you have any universities in mind?
Not entirely, but I know Sac State is a really good school for physical therapy. I also think it would be cool to go there. I’m a freshman, and this is my first semester, so I don’t really know yet.
How do you like Sierra College so far?
I really like it here. I like it compared to high school. It’s a little stressful at times, but you just have to find your schedule and make time for everything.
I like my classes. I’m taking English 1A, principles of nutrition, intro to biology, and also anthropology 9. It’s 12 units. I’m also working 20 hours a week.
What’s your job?
I work at A&A Physical Therapy. I was hired from an internship that I did through my high school, Nevada Union. I really enjoy it.
I knew I wanted to be a physical therapist because I took a sports medicine class at Nevada Union. I’d always been interested in physical therapy because I’m an athlete and I’ve gotten injured, so I’m fascinated by physical therapy. The internship and now working there has reiterated my interest.
Do you play any sports at Sierra College?
Not right now, I hope to run cross country and/or track next year. I’m just running on my own right now. I wanted to get used to school before I did sports. They have a good track team here, and I’ve heard a lot about it.
Are you using tutoring or academic counseling?
I am seeing my counselor, and I’ve been to the Learning Center to work on an essay I was assigned. I also go to the library quite a bit to study and ask questions. I also like studying out by the pond.
What are your top values?
I want to achieve my goals, and I’m hard working to the point where I can achieve those goals.
What's the best compliment you’ve ever been given?
That I’m a pleasure to be around, that people like being around me. It’s kind of a combination of what people have said about me.
What’s your favorite thing about Sierra besides the pond?
All of my professors!
Back in high school, college is made out to be this big scary thing, and that the professors don't care about you! They’re just there to teach you and nothing else, and they don’t really talk to you or know your name.
But the professors here care. They talk to you, and they want to help you.
Also, my counselor I see on campus has been phenomenal. It's a really supportive environment around campus. I haven’t been to Rocklin yet, but maybe I will once I start athletics.
What’s your favorite thing about the NCC campus?
That it’s beautiful! And that I’m close to home since I live in Grass Valley and my work is here. I like being close to everything. I didn’t want to go far away just yet.
Last question is a fun one: if you could ask a question to any famous person, dead or living, who would you ask and what would it be?
I would ask Abraham Lincoln what motivated him to make the impact that he did. I would ask why he chose to stand up for people.

Thanks McKenna! We hope you had an awesome semester.