Sea Stories from the Research Vessel Atlantis

Sierra College Alumnus Kendall Beaver will detail his experiences aboard the R/V Atlantis at the Sierra College Natural History Museum, Friday, March 2 at 7:30PM in Sewell Hall Room S-111.

Beaver is an officer (Third Mate of Navigation) aboard the Atlantis, the famous US Navy owned research vessel operated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI).  Kendall navigates the ship across the oceans to remote locations and throughout the world to deploy and recover scientific equipment, especially the Diving Support Vehicle Alvin. WHOI activities are conducted entirely for the betterment of world peoples using scientific research.

Navigator Beaver will share experiences and knowledge as a merchant marine (sailor) and more particularly being a navigational officer in the US fleet of oceanographic research vessels.  He will share maritime stories from abroad, videos and photographs of some of his missions, take a look at varying types of research performed and describe what life is like as a sailor on the ship. 

Beaver attended Sierra College during 2003-2005.  He was Associated Students President from 2004-2005.  After he left Sierra he attended UC Berkeley and received a BA in Development Studies (Latin American Studies focus).  He then attended the California Maritime Academy where he received a degree in Marine Transportation & US Coast Guard license.  He is licensed to navigate vessels of unlimited tonnage on any ocean of the world.

Free to museum members, $2 students/seniors, and $5 general public. For more information contact: Jennifer Skillen,