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Hidden Voices: Mexican American Women of WW II

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On Thursday, March 26, from 12:30 to 2:00 pm at the Rocklin Campus Dietrich Theatre, Sierra College will present its annual Cesar Chavez Speaker Series event. The title of this year’s event is Hidden Voices: Mexican American Women of WWII. This presentation is free and the public is invited and encouraged to attend.

Our understanding of those who have sacrificed and served our nation at a time of war is woven well into the fabric of our national consciousness. Curiously, alongside those who have sacrificed so much, are the voices of those whose stories continually remain silent. Their voices describe a patriotism that widens our understanding of nationalism, pride and honor. This year, the César Chávez Higher Education Speaker Series welcomes the voices of those who have served, and the voices of those who serve today. Together, their voices will enhance our appreciation of a true American experience.

Described as a "very rare national gem", our panelists include Consuelo Macias Hartsell who served as a sergeant with the United States Marine Corp during WW II (1942-1946). Also, from the University of Texas at Austin, associate professor and author Dr. Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez, will share her work as founder and national director of the Voces Oral History Project that documents the contributions of U.S. Latinos and Latinas of the WWII, Korean War and Vietnam War generations. We are pleased to announce that Brigadier General Sylvia Rubalcaba Crockett will join our panel along with Secretary General Mirtha Villarreal Younger. Our panel will be moderated by Dr. Melissa Moreno from Woodland Community College.

The purpose of the César E. Chávez Higher Education Speaker Series is to advance the social justice and cultural awareness agenda that César Chávez and others worked so hard to achieve. Each year, a forum of distinguished panelists is invited to provide an intellectual and thought-provoking opportunity for students, faculty, staff and communities to gain a greater understanding of the most complex issues to face our nation. It is in that spirit that we celebrate this legacy with our annual César E. Chávez Higher Education Speaker Series event.

The Sierra College Rocklin Campus is located at 5000 Rocklin Road, Rocklin, CA. Attendance at this forum is free, however there is a $3 parking fee on campus. Parking permits can be purchased at machines located within the campus parking lot. For more information, contact the Public Relations Office at: 916-660-7272.

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