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The Geology of the Northern Sierra Nevada

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The Sierra College Natural History Museum will host a presentation entitled “The Geology of the Northern Sierra Nevada” by Professor Dick Hilton, a geologist with the Sierra College Earth Sciences Department, on Friday, April 17, at 7:30 PM in Sewell Hall (room 111) on the Sierra College-Rocklin Campus.

Professor Hilton will present a visual tour through time with the creation and evolution of the Sierra Nevada. Once, only ocean existed here until the accretion of island arcs and the scraping of sea floor mud and sand added girth to our state. During the Jurassic, large masses of magma melted their way deep beneath the mountain range until yesterday, when ice buried the Sierra 3000 feet deep. Join us for the ancient history of a mountain range that was hundreds of millions of years in the making.

Dick Hilton is a Professor of Geology and Paleontology at Sierra College. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Geology with a minor in Biology, and a Master’s degree in Earth Science from California State University, Chico. Hilton is a paleontological consultant and an avid nature photographer. He is Chairman of the Sierra College Natural History Museum, and a board member of the California State University Chico, Geoscience Board, and the Northern California Natural History Museum. He has published numerous scientific articles in the field of vertebrate paleontology and a book entitled, Dinosaurs and other Mesozoic Reptiles of California (University of California Press, 2003.).

This presentation is part of the Sierra College Natural History Museum’s 2014-2015 lecture series, and will be held on Friday, April 17 at 7:30 pm in Sewell Hall, room 111. Tickets are available at the door. Prices are General $5 / Students and Seniors $2 / Museum members free. All proceeds benefit the Sierra College Natural History Museum.

The Sierra College Rocklin Campus is located at 5000 Rocklin Road in Rocklin. There is no charge for parking after 4pm on Friday. For more information, call the Sierra College Natural History Museum at 916-660-7926.

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