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Women Warriors Through History

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Artist Roxanne Willen Bull

A new photo art exhibit graces the hallway on the second floor of the Sierra College Rocklin Campus Weaver Hall Building. The display by Artist Roxanne Willen Bull, titled “Women Warriors Through History” is open for view through the summer. To view the exhibit is free, but there is a $3 parking fee on campus. Permits are available at dispensers located throughout the parking lots.

Roxanne Willen Bull In her own words:

“Women Warriors is the result of a year of work, research, creating costumes and photographing women. I want to send the message that women have fought hard for the recognition we have today. Women will never again be considered just property in our society. But how long until we are considered and treated as equals?”

“After years of working in a corporate environment, I wanted to do something more meaningful. I've always been a very abstract thinker, sort of a spiral in a linear world. In 2012 I took a photography class at Sierra and I was hooked. After that class, I have taken every photo class I could. Photography has become a way for me to translate what's in my head.”

Roxanne (Rocky to her friends) is now retired from corporate life, selling Data networking solutions to Fortune 500 companies. She currently lives in Auburn, which she says she LOVES. Roxanne started the “Women Warriors Through History” project under Sierra College Photography Instructor, Rebecca Gregg last fall for her 70B class and continued it as independent study.

“What inspired me to do this project was the fact that we have to have special classes for women's studies because history was primarily written by men. I want to show everyone that we women can accomplish anything, and have,” said Roxanne.

The Sierra College Rocklin Campus is located at 5000 Rocklin Road, Rocklin, CA 95677. 

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