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Sierra College and Continuous Improvement Network Offer Employer Training

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Northern California organizations can learn how to improve productivity and get started using Lean methods at training in Workplace Organization using simple visual controls on June 10 and 24 in Sacramento conducted by Sierra College Center for Applied Competitive Technologies in partnership with the Continuous Improvement Network.

To support organizations interested in using Lean tools to increase efficiency, Sierra College Center for Applied Competitive Technologies http://www.sierracollegetraining.com/ (CACT) and Continuous Improvement Network (CIN) are offering a two-day lean training in 7S for Workplace Organization on June 10 and June 24 in Sacramento. To register, go to the CIN website http://cacinetwork.com/. The fee is for $240 for CIN members, $280 for government and $375 for non-CIN members. Training will be held at Rex Moore Electrical Contractors, 6001 Outfall Circle, Sacramento CA 95828.

According to Carol Pepper-Kittredge, CACT Director, Sierra College, participants will learn how to organize work areas using 7S principles – sort, set in order, shine, safety, sustainability, standardize and sustain. “The goal is to make the most frequently used tools and materials accessible and to eliminate unnecessary items,” said Pepper-Kittredge. “As a result, employees become more productive when it is easier to find what they need to accomplish tasks.”

Establishing simple visual controls is one of the most important elements of becoming a Lean Organization, explained Jes Vargas, CACT Trainer. “Through visual clues, 7S reduces errors and helps highlight, at an early stage, potential delays and disruptions,” said Vargas.

Participants will get an overview of 7S, learn how it can improve performance and receive tips on how to get started as well as what to avoid. Executives, managers and supervisors will appreciate advice on implementing 7S at their organizations. All levels of employees involved in continuous improvement will benefit from this hands-on training where they can hear examples from local companies that have used workplace organization successfully. “If you are interested in using Lean methods to increase productivity, 7S training is an excellent starting point,” said Pepper-Kittredge.

About the Continuous Improvement Network

The Continuous Improvement Network (CIN) http://cacinetwork.com/ is an association of business leaders committed to learning and sharing continuous improvement methods. Founded in 2011 by Northern California employers, the CIN provides a gateway to new ideas, motivation and training. The organization offers tours, training and executive forums for companies implementing process improvement strategies.

About Sierra College CACT

Sierra College Center for Applied Competitive Technologies (CACT) is focused on Advanced Manufacturing and is funded through the Workforce and Economic Development program of the California Community College Chancellor’s Office. Since 1992, the Sierra College CACT has provided customized employee training in Lean, supervision, workplace math, project management and other business topics for organizations, manufacturers and technology businesses throughout Northern California. Additional information is available at http://www.sierracollegetraining.com/ or by contacting Carol Pepper-Kittredge, CACT Director, Sierra College at 916-660-7801 or training(at)sierracollege.edu.

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