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Intellectual Salons Return at Sierra College Library

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The Sierra College Rocklin Library Presents the topic of “Fear”, in a series of led discussions, open to the public.

Now in its third year, the Sierra College Intellectual Salon series announces that this year’s theme/topic is fear. The first two years’ topics were time and love, both examining important human constructs that continue to shape and affect human lives. Salon leaders, also called provocateurs include faculty, staff and students that guide participants through open discussions from a broad variety of perspectives. The interdisciplinary salons, cosponsored by the Sierra College Library, the Friends of the Library, Associated Students and the Sierra College Press, are open and free to all who are interested. They are held at 12:30-1:45pm on the 2nd floor of the Rocklin Campus Library.

Fear is a sensation induced by real or perceived danger or threat that occurs in many organisms. Such sensations normally cause a change in organ and metabolic functions and ultimately a change in behavior. In higher animals, responses include behaviors like fleeing, hiding, defense or even paralysis from such real or perceived traumatic events.

• MARCH 8 – Fear and Tribalism: It began a long time ago and it starts young! Humanities Professor, Jason File along with Emeritus Professor and Editor in Chief of the Sierra College Press, Joe Medeiros, will conduct the semester’s initial salon. In addition to laying the groundwork for subsequent discussions, this salon will look at a common human construct; tribalism, and how it begins early in our development.

• MARCH 23 – An Historic Look at the Boogeyman (from the Bible to Brexit) by Dr. Aimee Myers - Department of History on Thursday, March 23 at the Rocklin Campus Library from 12:30 – 1:45pm.

• APRIL 27, THURSDAY – Dreaming in Fear: A heartfelt discussion on the fear of being deported as undocumented in America, by Hugo Lopez, ASSC President and Dr. Reyes Ortega, Counselor and History Department.

• MAY 10, WED – Fear: A Black Man’s Perspective. A discussion about overt and covert prejudice and racial profiling by Wayne Robinson, RISE Counselor, Black Excellence Program Coordinator.

The SPRING 2017 Salon Series will discuss the multi-faceted but relevant and timely issues involving fear in humans. The series will begin by discussing definitions, variations and levels of fear. It will continue with historic human defense mechanisms like tribalism and later review uses and abuses by historic figures to control or appease the masses. The series will continue by discussing contemporary issues of fear within the context of racism, sexism, xenophobia and related violence perpetrated against those who are seen as others.

Current research in child psychology shows that human beings are prone to developing in-group/out-group distinctions even before we develop language. This makes sense, since we evolved in small in-groups and tribes whose health and well-being were necessary for our own individual survival. In the process of constructing self vs. other and us vs. them, we are prone to treating the out-group as ignorant, dangerous, and even sub-human (just survey the rhetoric used by political parties to define each other, or how members of one sports fan base characterize their rivals). In this salon, we will explore the ways in which our constructed others generate and sustain fear in us.

All salons are from 12:30-1:45pm on the second floor of the Rocklin Campus Library. For more information contact Joe Medeiros / jmedeiros@sierracollege.edu / (916) 660-8250

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