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Intellectual Salon on Fear

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The Sierra College Rocklin Library Presents continues its salon series on the topic of “Fear”, open to the public.

Now in its third year, the Sierra College Intellectual Salon series continues with the topic of fear. Salon leaders, also called provocateurs include faculty, staff and students that guide participants through open discussions from a broad variety of perspectives. The interdisciplinary salons, cosponsored by the Sierra College Library, the Friends of the Library, Associated Students and the Sierra College Press, are open and free to all who are interested. They are held at 12:30-1:45pm on the 2nd Floor of the Rocklin Campus Library.

This week:

MARCH 23: An Historic Look at the Boogeyman (from the Bible to Brexit) by Dr. Aimee Myers - Department of History on Thursday, March 23 at the Rocklin Campus Library from 12:30–1:45pm.

Why do “we” fear the “other?” What is the relationship between an ancient story of a faithful offering and modern atrocities against those defined as “enemies of the state?” Across history, scapegoats have brought communities together by the exclusion and potential sacrifice or those left outside its protective circle. From wolves and witches to subversives and communists, fear of a dangerous “other” provides a common theme. “We” can work together to build amazing things. However, there is also a destructive power to “us” as we turn in fear away from “them.”

Aimee Myers has been teaching American and world history at Sierra College since 2002.

All salons are from 12:30-1:45pm on the Second Floor of the Rocklin Campus Library. For more information contact Joe Medeiros / jmedeiros@sierracollege.edu / (916) 660-8250

Upcoming salons include:

APRIL 27, THURSDAY — Dreaming in Fear: A heartfelt discussion on the fear of being deported as undocumented in America, by Hugo Lopez, ASSC President, Dr. Reyes Ortega, Counselor and History Department.

MAY 10, WED — Fear: A Black Man’s Perspective: a discussion about overt and covert prejudice and racial profiling by Wayne Robinson, RISE Counselor, Black Excellence Program Coordinator.

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