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Understand Fear and Phobias at the Sierra College Intellectual Salons

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Sierra College’s Fall Semester Intellectual Salons are free and open to the public. In the four-salon series, explore issues related to fear: phobias, gender and fear, fear on the battlefield, and managing fear.

Faculty and staff lead the salons, where participants can share their experiences and engage in the discussions.

In the first salon on September 13, “Public Speaking, Heights and Spiders: When Fear Becomes Phobia,” Professor Michelle Laird will explore research and treatments. Laird writes, “Have we conditioned ourselves to fear, or has fear been conditioned into us? In this salon, we will explore the current research regarding phobias, the theories surrounding how phobias originate and what treatment methods have been shown to be most effective. We will also differentiate phobias from other fears and review some of the more common (and uncommon) phobias.”

The Fall Semester Intellectual Salons Schedule:

Public Speaking, Heights and Spiders: When Fear Becomes Phobia
Wednesday, September 13
Dr. Michelle Laird: Clinical Psychologist, Assistant Professor, Psychology Department

The Gendering of Fear: Learning How to Be Afraid
Tuesday, October 17
Dr. Kathleen Taylor: Professor, Psychology Department and Chair, Women and Gender Studies

Fear on the Battlefield and After
Tuesday, November 14
Jay Blake: United States Marine Corps, Student Services Technician
Maria Brannan: United States Navy, Student
Blake Rood: Veterans Center Counselor, Sierra College Veterans Success Center

Managing Fear in Fearsome Situations
Tuesday, November 28
Blair Spaulding: Professor and Coordinator, Administration of Justice Department
Corey Morgan: Assistant Professor, Administration of Justice

The salons are co-sponsored by the Associated Students, the Library, the Sierra College Press and the Sierra College Friends of the Library.

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