Sierra College Has a New Tagline

Sierra College Has a New Tagline

Carrie Werver and President Willy Duncun

Find Your Amazing

On Tuesday, April 18, 2017, student Carri Werve’s won a $250 Amazon gift card for submitting the chosen tagline.

It is: Sierra College, “Find Your Amazing.” The Sierra College Foundation provided the prize.

The judges were a group of faculty, staff and students. They scrutinized more than 800 entries. It took weeks until they came to the unanimous decision. “Find Your Amazing” is the new tagline to inspire our students!

President Willy Duncan invited Carri to his office to receive her prize from the contest judges. She didn’t come alone. Carri’s family joined her. Husband, mother, sister and youngest son—who is a current student at Sierra College as well—all cheered for her, as they all have been during her college journey.

Tagline Winner Carri Werve


I started working for an International Biotech Company that encourages ongoing education by providing…reimbursement. I hadn’t been in school in 27 years. Between raising four boys and running our company, I never finished my degree.

In the Fall of 2015, I began my journey at Sierra College. Our youngest son Brian has been attending Sierra for the past few years and will be graduating next month with his degree and moving on to a university. I will miss meeting him for dinner between classes and the friendly GPA competitiveness. The best time we had was when we wound up in the same class and kept it a secret the whole semester. The big reveal at the end of the class was like something from a reality show.

My goal is to earn my Business Administration Degree. Since there was such a gap in the last time I attended school, I am starting from the beginning. It’s ok, at 55 I have the gift of patience. 

How I Won the Tagline Contest

I entered four or five different tag lines for the contest. All of them were inspired by the new logo and imagining climbing a mountain. Being a Girl Scout who married an Eagle Scout and raised four more scouts, I have a little hiking experience.

Each of us has the ability to be amazing. With every test I pass, homework assignment I turn in on time and new concept I finally understand, I amaze myself.

Like climbing a mountain, it all starts with the first step. Somewhere in the middle, you may wonder if you will ever make it to the top. Finally, when you’re standing at the top seeing how far you’ve come, you smile. You are amazing!

Find Your Amazing!

– Carri Werve

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