COVID-19 Sierra College Return to Campus

Planning a Safe Return to Our Campuses

In March 2020, we made the difficult decision, based on the guidelines of local and state public health officials, to limit access to our campuses due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Our ultimate goal is to get our students and employees back to campus, while also protecting the health and safety of our college community.

Throughout this situation we have tried to keep our local and college community informed about the decision-making processes, current status and future phases of reopening. This plan will be revisited throughout spring and summer to best provide for Sierra’s students and employees.

COVID-19 Info/Visiting Campus Protocol Return to Campus Feedback Form

Current Status

All Sierra College campuses and locations are only open to students taking specific labs/specialty courses and essential personnel.

Sierra College remains operational via remote delivery for the majority of instruction and student services.

Planning for Fall 2021

There has been extensive discussion to determine the safest way we could offer Fall 2021 classes. The Fall 2021 Scheduling Workgroup, consisting of administrators, union and senate representation and key staff, was tasked with exploring options and coming up with a recommendation.

The workgroup recommendation is to increase the number of on-ground classes offered in Fall 2021. Based on what we know and anticipate right now, we're planning for roughly 500 classes to have some on-ground component in Fall 2021.

There were many factors that informed this recommendation, including the need to have our schedule published as early as possible, current information available, and our commitment to students’ and employees’ health and safety and limited classroom space available to accommodate required safety protocols such as six feet of social distancing.

We want to build a schedule that meets students' needs and preserves options for different modes of instructional delivery, so we're exploring multiple class formats including hybrid and students remotely connecting to live class sessions. We’ve learned a lot from the small number of health and public safety classes that have met on-ground since the start of the pandemic, which has informed our planning. Deans are now consulting with department faculty to determine faculty interests and prioritize classes to return to in-person instruction and the schedule is planned to go live on the website on Monday, April 12.

Being that this is an ever-evolving situation, flexibility remains key to our planning efforts going forward. As conditions and external requirements change, we will work to add in-person classes as needed to meet student enrollment patterns.

Reopening Frequently Asked Questions

The situation related to health, safety and reopening criteria is dynamic, and we will continue updating the information on this page. 

Yes, we will offer classes both online and on-ground in Fall 2021. The on-ground classes in Fall 2021 will primarily be in the public health and safety sectors, lab classes, and other classes that are difficult to deliver fully online. The online schedule for Fall 2021 will be available mid-April. However, the situation remains fluid, and we will adjust the schedule as needed to respond to changing conditions and local or state regulations.

The safe reopening is being coordinated by the Return to Campus workgroup, the Executive Council, and faculty and staff representatives.

Employees, faculty, students and visitors who plan to visit any of our Sierra College campuses must follow the visiting campus protocols found on our COVID-19 page.
Masks are required. Sierra College is following guidance from the California Department of Public Health that currently recommends use of a mask and social distancing.
Most classes in the fall will still have a fully online option. Some classes requiring significant hands-on learning that is difficult to achieve online will be offered only on-ground or as hybrids. Please make a counseling appointment if you have questions about your fall schedule.
Classes requiring significant hands-on or in-person learning that is difficult to achieve online will have the first priority to return on-ground. Other classes will be added as possible.

Return to Campus Workgroup

The Return to Campus Committee is the main committee responsible for logistical planning and details of the safe return to campus, and includes representatives from:  

  • Health services 
  • Professional and Organizational Development 
  • Facilities and Construction 
  • Residence Life 
  • Instruction 
  • Career & Technical Education 
  • Athletics