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Updated: Dec. 8, 2020

  • All Sierra College campuses are only open to students taking specific labs/specialty courses and essential personnel

  • Sierra College remains operational via remote delivery for the majority of instruction and student services

  • Resources for students to access instruction and student services remotely are available at: www.sierracollege.edu/studentservices
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All Sierra College employees (full-time/part-time faculty, managers, classified, student employees) and members of your household have access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Anthem EAP. They provide quick and easy access to confidential counseling and referral services to help you deal with daily work and life challenges. 

This service is available at no cost to you, your dependents or household members

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Summer/Fall 2020 Announcement: Any student requiring the use of Adobe software that would otherwise be available by using the on-campus computer labs, we now have another solution that will not add a financial burden for them. If your course requires this software, please provide instructions to your students on how to access the software. 

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IIT has put together the following Services, Knowledge Base (KB) articles and guidelines to help Sierra College employees to work remotely. 

Remote Access to Systems, Applications and Data

Most applications are available for use in myAccess and access to network File Shares remotely can be easily done using Microsoft Teams, avoiding the need to have to use RDP for MACS or Windows altogether. 

  • myAccess: https://myaccess.sierracollege.edu
    Anyone can use myAccess at any time from anywhere and have access to many of the applications they need, including Banner 9 Admin. Watch a short video on how to get myAccess: https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/b90b9b09-6203-418b-a05a-015b284f8faf

  • Shared File Access: IIT is recommending two methods to have access to your files on work computers or on District network file shares (S: drives and N: Drives). 
    • You can upload copies of your local PC files to One Drive in Office 365 and share them, as needed, to anyone with a sierracollege.edu login account
    • You can contact IIT for help to set up your S:drive in Teams/One Drive in Office 365 (see "General Technology Support Requests")

  • Remote Desktop (RDP) and VPN: For needs that are not met through myAccess, you can use the "RDP MyPC" icon from within the MyAccess portal. Please keep in mind: 
    • Your work PC must be left Powered On and using IE to connect (not Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.)
    • If you have not been on campus and logged into your PC since Thursday, March 12, your system may not be configured correctly for RDP. 
    • Do not use the "RDP MyPC JAVA" unless specifically instructed to do so. 
    • For Mac computers, review the Remote Desktop for Mac instructions: https://solutions.sierracollege.edu/TDClient/1795/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=100389
  • NOTE: IIT has received a fair number of calls regarding the inability to connect to the webRDP after disconnecting.
    • If you are done with the session, please make sure to“Log Off” the remote workstation when you are done with your session. 
    • Do NOT choose “Disconnect”.  This will help ensure your ability to log back into your office computer the next time you attempt it.

  • Transition to Teams for Department File Shares 
    With the current state of transition, IIT has been working diligently to be able to provide employees remote access to their files. We have regularly used the S: drive for departmental shares of necessary data to keep operations running smoothly.
    • Due to the inability to access the S: Drive from the Internet, we are migrating the S: drive folders and files to Microsoft Teams when requested by departments. This will ensure access to files without any possible disruption, like the impending power outage scheduled for April 5, or brief blackouts over night or on weekends.  This capability will open up the opportunity to collaborate in ways that were otherwise restricted by using a shared network drive.
    • We have been working with several departments these past two weeks to make their S: Drive department shares are available securely in the cloud through Microsoft Teams and the feedback has been very positive for those now using it. 
    • For assistance migrating your department file shares to the Cloud, please contact the HelpDesk at helpdesk@sierracollege.edu

  • How to Access Your Files Through Microsoft Teams

Request Equipment

To request equipment, please use the IIT Help Form if you need any technology equipment outside of what your department already has. Please note the following:
  • Avoid duplicates. Do not request equipment you have already submitted to ICT COVID19 or Tom Benton/IIT
  • IIT will assess what we have in stock and work with the ICT team as needed if additional purchases or funding is needed
  • Please keep in mind, we have a large number of requests and are working hard to respond as quickly as possible

Voice Mail and Telecommunications

  • IIT is helping to handle incoming voice calls and voice mail messages for remote workers by setting up all departments and staff that handle incoming calls with unified messaging.  This allow all voice mails to be delivered to one’s email inbox.
  • IIT can setup a department voice mail with Unified Messaging so that it forwards all voice mails to a shared email Mailbox for that department or team.  Please contact Phil Yorde if you need this capability and have not already been in contact with him.
  • IIT and several departments have been making a concerted effort to procure a number of USB and Ear-Bud type headsets to distribute out to staff as necessary for working remotely.  Due to shortages in supply we do not yet have any in stock but will send a note out to manager when we get them.

MS Teams - Internal Communication and Collaboration

  • Working virtually can present challenges with general daily collaboration with your co-workers.  Microsoft Teams in Office 365 offers tremendous capabilities for work groups to stay in touch, share files, chat, video conference, make PC to PC audio phone calls, and white board.   Everyone at Sierra College is already licensed for use and it works well on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones! 
  • To have a Teams Site setup for your department’s "S: Drive" please contact the IIT Help Desk.

MS Office Download to Your Personal Computer

Processing Electronic Signatures with Adobe Acrobat

  • Learn how to access Adobe Sign
  • The District software licensing for Adobe Acrobat and Professional provides the ability to turn a PDF file into a form that can be signed electronically. This is considered a secure signature as it requires authenticated access to your signature file in order to sign a document. This can be used for most internal forms/documents at Sierra College requiring manager approvals.  For more information, visit Access Adobe Sign.
  • For other documents there may be more stringent requirements (as required by HR or Purchasing, etc.). Please contact those departments directly, as needed, for employment contracts, vendor contracts, etc.

General Technology Support Requests

Unless otherwise directed, please submit your requests for technical support or equipment to the IIT Help Desk. Our preferred approach to assure tracking and follow-up is by using the IIT Help Form.

Security of District and personal information is paramount.  The following are general guidelines for assuring confidential data is secured when working remotely or with mobile devices. 

  1. Confidential data is defined as any data that is personally identifiable data (PII), student confidential data (FERPA, health records related data (HIPAA), or financial transaction data (PCI).

  2. Mobile devices are more prone to being lost or stolen so take extra care in prevention. Do not leave your mobile devices in cars, briefcases, coffee shops or any place out of your site unless in a secured location.

  3. Avoid storing confidential data on thumb drives and portable USB drives. If you must use these to transfer information be sure to erase the data as soon as the transfer is completed. The preferred approach is to use District email or secured District file shares as the preferred alternative.

  4. Only retain confidential data on your device if absolutely necessary. Make a habit of purging that data from your device as soon as possible (same day or week, etc.). You can always archive data to District file shares or repositories that are secured and designated as standard data repositories.

  5. For details on District Information Security policy and procedures, please refer to BP 3720, AP3720, and AP 3722 to understand your responsibilities as Sierra College Faculty and Staff to safeguard confidential data.

  6. As per AP 3722, if a person reasonably believes that a security breach has occurred on a computing system that contains or has network access to unencrypted confidential data, the person identifying the incident must immediately contact the IIT Helpdesk (during work hours) or District Security (after work hours). If the security breach is reported after work hours have ended, the District security office will notify the Chief Technology Officer (or designee). The Chief Technology Officer or designee will notify the appropriate Lead Authority and the Chief Technology Officer.