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Elaine Bienvenue

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ElaineCurrent Classes

  • Personal Money - Bus 1 - Fall & Spring
  • Small Business- Bus 140 - Fall & Spring
  • Small Business OL- Bus 140 - Fall & Spring


  • Full-time Business Professor since 2004
  • Established and managed three successful small businesses from scratch; opened a restaurant, a non-profit corporation and invested in fixer-upper houses 
  • MS from Boston College, Boston, MA

How She Teaches:

  • Teaches by incorporating case studies, group activities, field trips, projects, video discussions, Blackboard, listening to students and lecturing
  • Has written her own Course Packets to help students save money

Why She Teaches:

  • To give back a little of what I learned during my life as an entrepreneur
  • To guide students to do what they love and love what they do in their profession of choice; to build enough personal financial wealth to be worry free; to create streams of income; and to eliminate all debt by they time they are ready to retire

Professional Mission Statement

  • To teach practical business skills and to have fun

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