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Cyndi Dunn

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Cyndi DunnBackground

  • Professor of Computer Information Systems and Business at Sierra College since 1990 
  • Ed.D at USC, Higher Education Administration 
  • Master of Science in Business Education, San Francisco State University 
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Education, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Why/ How She Teaches

  • Students have been a big part of my life as I have been teaching Business/Computer classes for over 40 years. In addition, I worked in real business world for over 25 years, so I have had the opportunity to blend theory with practice.
  • Like my students, I am constantly on a learning curve as I have had the pleasure of creating courses and programs that either enhance student learning, educational, professional, or personal growth. 
  • It always gives me a wonderful feeling to see the light come on in students' eyes when they discover something new to add to their world; conversely, they don't realize how much I learn from them. To watch them grow and blossom, makes my career choice all worthwhile.
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