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Todd Jensen

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Todd Jensen


  • Professor of Business, Sierra College (2007 to current)
  • Adjunct Professor at Sacramento State and Golden Gate University
  • Master of Business Administration from University of Oregon (1992) 
  • Certified Public Accountant, with experience at Perry-Smith & Company in Sacramento 
  • Director of Finance with the Sisters of Mercy in Auburn (2000-2005) 
  • Local banker with Auburn Community Bank and Community 1st Bank 
  • Bachelor of Science in Finance from Chico State (1987)

Why/How He Teaches:

  • I'm surrounded by teachers: my father, my mother, my sister, my wife. Bucking the trend, I picked a career path as a professional accountant (CPA), but soon realized that teaching was a part of my legacy I could not overlook. My teaching career started modestly. A night class here, a weekend class there, and then it was up to four nights a week while also running the financial side of a bank as the CFO. A tough day at the office seemed to vanish in the classroom thanks to enthusiastic students full of interest and humor. 
  • Encouraging promising students to seek a career in the profession that has been so good to me and others is a big part of the reason I continue to teach. Careers in accounting and business are rewarding intellectually and financially. It's particularly rewarding to encounter my students when they have become professionals themselves. My career started at Sierra College where an interest in accounting in business was sparked in me. Now it's my turn to spark the interest in others. 
  • I am a very caring and approachable guy, don’t be afraid to ask question in class, or go in for extra help during my office hours, and or shoot me an email with any question; comments; or concerns you may be having with Accounting. 
  • By incorporating smart classroom tools with the projection system, most of the lecture, discussion, and or homework is laid out for students on the white board and or projector and then discussed throughout the class period.
  • I truly want all my students to succeed, so go to class and take notes so you will be able to understand the material and be able to apply it later on either the homework, quizzes, and or test! 
  • Inside Scoop: (I also encourage students to produce clean and readable work with incorporating computers to their homework. Completed written homework gets a full-credit check mark; rumor has it though clean and typed up homework gets a check-plus (extra credit)
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