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Christy Magnani

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Current Classes

  • Intro to Oral Communication - Bus 85 - Fall & Spring
  • Management Communications - Bus 102 - Fall & Spring
  • Introduction To Business - Bus 2 - Fall & Spring


  • Professor of Management, Sierra College (1998 to current) 
  • M.A. Management, Chapman University, Orange, CA 
  • M.A. Mass Communication, specialization in Advertising, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE 
  • B.A. Communication, California State University, Sacramento, CA

Professional experience

  • Organizational leader with 15 years experience managing operations, marketing, development, strategic alliances and sales. 
  • Worked for ARS, CBS, Entercom, Sebastian International, Wella and a handful of small business enterprises and non-profit organizations. 
  • Specialties include: managing human capital, training, public relations, advertising, promotions and marketing planning. 
  • Creator of a non-profit awareness campaign and documentarian.

Why I Teach? How I teach?

  • I was the first in my family to graduate from college. I quickly had to learn how to navigate through the educational system without support from my family. 
  • I make it a point to encourage all of my students and I serve as a resource to help them during their academic journey. 
  • I enjoy watching students succeed and hope that I can influence them to become lifelong learners. That's why I teach...and maybe because I get a really long summer vacation. 
  • My teaching style varies between demonstrator and facilitator. I tend to have a more student-centered approach and students who are active learners appreciate this classroom environment. 
  • A typical week in my class will consist of a mixture of lectures, group discussions, student to student collaborations, activities and experiences. 
  • I'll find a way to link learning—what's in the textbook to the real world. Every once in a while you'll find that an uncommon classroom activity, such as building paper airplanes, has a direct application to what we are studying. And if you don't see the connection, at least you take home a souvenir.
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