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Tom Read

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Tom Read


  • Professor of Business, Sierra College (1996 to current) 
  • Master of Business Administration at University of California, Los Angeles (1986) 
  • Bachelor of Science in Business at University of California, Berkeley (1978). Major in Marketing, minor in International Business and Transportation. 
  • 18 years of work experience in marketing, advertising and sales with Mattel Toys, Dailey and Associates Advertising, Oakland Invaders football team, Oakland A's, San Francisco Giants, Northwest Airlines and Trans International Airlines.

Why/ How He Teaches:

  • I have been studying, doing and teaching marketing, advertising and sales for over 38 years. 
  • Learning is a continuous process. Learning often occurs for me in the interactive activities with students in the classroom. As students question concepts, ideas and even my explanations, it causes me to find simpler ways to explain, illustrate or demonstrate those concepts. 
  • I am passionate about the field of marketing because I believe it can be helpful to everyone and because it can be a lot of fun. To me, marketing is a game with very few rules, but there are definitely winners and losers. 
  • I try to accommodate many different learning styles, with a heavy emphasis on visual learning. 
  • It is important to me that students learn the concepts and how to execute the concepts, rather than memorize the material. If you memorize it you will forget, if you understand it you will know how to use it forever. 
  • I became a teacher to pass on my experience and methods of learning to young people as they approach an exciting time in their lives.

Example of one of my business classes: Introduction to Marketing:

  • “If you build it they will come.” Maybe not. Are you going to take that chance? Why not ask them if they want it built? Then again, who is them? Maybe they like what you built but don’t know it exists. 
  • “Marketing is determining what your consumer wants and finding a way to get it to them.”- Tom Read 
  • In this class, Professor Read writes his own text book so the material is directly relevant to the class and the book is cheap. The material developed gives straight forward and simple explanations of the various marketing concepts. 
  • Students are encouraged to be very interactive and participate in daily lectures, presentations, and discussions about all elements of marketing. 
  • Go to class, take good notes, ask questions, do your homework, and not just study but know the material and you will succeed.
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