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Walt Walczykowski

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Walt WalczykowskiCurrent Classes

  • Financial Accounting I - Bus 01 - Fall & Spring
  • Financial Accounting II - Bus 02 - Fall & Spring
  • Managerial Accounting - Bus 03 - Fall & Spring


  • Professor of Business, Sierra College (2008-Present) 
  • Adjunct Professor of Business, Sierra College and Sac City (2001-2008) 
  • Master of Business Administration, San Jose State University (1999) 
  • Certified Public Accountant, Experience at Arthur Young 
  • 24 years of business accounting experience in Silicon Valley. I held various managerial positions in companies ranging from a $5mil startup to an $800mil multi-national computer chip manufacturer. Last position prior to pursuing a teaching career was Chief Financial Officer of C-Cube Microsystems, Inc. (DVD chip developer and manufacturer). 
  • Outside of class I am very involved in my church (Mosaic), helping to serve the homeless in this area. I also went on a mission trip to Jos, Nigeria. I also have six grandkids that I love to spoil.

Why/How I Teach

  • I teach because I care about students. I want them to succeed in my classes and in life. 
  • I am open and approachable about any topic; accounting, business or personal. 
  • I have 24 years of accounting and business experience and I want to not only teach accounting (theory and mechanics) from the book but also impart the practical nature of how accounting works in business. And in some cases how it does not work. 
  • I use my experience to show what happens in the real world compared to the book. 
  • If you want to succeed in my class; come to class, ask questions (participate), do the work, hand it in and don’t miss the test review. 
  • I incorporate auditory, visual and hands on group activities in my class to help you understand the topic and be able to apply that knowledge to problem situations. 
  • Some students say I am too easy and some say I talk too fast. To that, I respond, “you still have to do the work and asking questions slows the class down”.

One of my classes

  • All classes, Bus 1, 2 and 3 incorporate the book (lecture and problems) and what I have learned from my business experience. It is as exciting as accounting can be. 
  • Depending on the class and the number of chapters I cover, I typically spend 1-3 days talking about the details of the chapter, working through the mechanics of how things work in the chapter and then we do (via overhead projector) the problems assigned from the back of the chapter. I go as fast or as slow as the class dictates. NO questions - we keep moving. If there are many questions I know I need to keep explaining. 
  • I give four exams encompassing one to three chapters on each exam. I will always give part of the exam as a take home (problems) and part of the exam in class (multiple choice and short essay). I eliminate the pressure of remembering how basic formats and statements are organized because you are never re-creating a format in the real world. Most of the time you need to know where numbers come from and where they go. Unless it is a new situation you are given an excel schedule and asked to update it. I should mention Excel is a good program to know in my class and in general business. 
  • My classes are passable if you come to class and do the work.
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