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Business Information Worker

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Computer skills are among the most valuable skills a student or employee can develop. No matter what major or career goal, all students benefit from updating and expanding their computer skills.


  • Save Time
  • Quality work products
  • Employability
  • Logical thinking skills

Don't know what you want to do or which major to choose?

  • Want to do something in Business?
  • Like working with computers?

You can be a CIS Applications major or add Business Information Systems classes onto your Business degree as valuable electives, such as:

  • Business Information Systems CIS 0062
  • Foundations for Creating Web Pages CIS 0067
  • Database Management CIS 0090
  • Internship in Computer Information Systems CIS 0095
  • Microsoft Outlook-Managing Information CIS 0105
  • Project Management Concepts and Software CIS 0136

Computer Information Systems

Pursue Business Information Systems opportunities including:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manger
  • Webpage Producer
  • Database Administrator

CIS Business Information Worker Pathway Options

  • take just 2-classes for a Digital Literacy Skills Certificate Essential Windows personal computer skills required for school or business.
    • Customer Service Skills BUS 0116
    • Computer Literacy for College Success CIS 0030
    • CIS 0050 Applying Computer Software CIS 0050
    • How to be a Successful Online Student SKDV 0010
  • skip the general ed and just take the computer application courses for a CIS Computer Applications Certificate
    • Business Communications BUS 0102
    • Applying Computer Software CIS 0050
    • Word Processing-Beyond the Basics CIS 0070
    • Spreadsheets in a Business Environment CIS 0080
    • Software for Dynamic Presentations CIS 0100
    • Creating Business Graphics with Microsoft Publisher CIS 0120
    • Plus 2 electives
  • take all the general ed and computer application courses for a full CIS Computer Applications Associates Degree
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