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IT Technician

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Don't know what you want to do or which major to choose?  You can try IT with a CIS class or two and if it is not for you - you can go in a different direction with some universally useful skills, for working your way through college. Avoid low wage, dead end food service college jobs. 

You may be looking into IT because you have heard skilled workers are in demand and paid well – yes this is a career path with a great deal of opportunity.
If you are a hands on sort of student and like the idea of working with computers…

But are not sure you want to get into calculus and physics courses (as is required for a computer science degree)…

This is the place to get started on your IT career.

Computer Information Systems

Pursue tech support career opportunities including:

  • Computer Technician
  • Help Desk Technician
  • Desktop Support Technician
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Field Service Technician
  • Computer Support Engineer

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CIS Tech Support Pathway Options

  • take just 2-classes for Information Assurance Technician (Level 1) Skills Certificate. Aligns with Department of Defense relative to its Directive 8570.1 for achieving Information Assurance Technician Level 1 (IAT-1).
    • CIS 0026 - Information and Communication Technology Essentials
      or CIS 0065 - Computer Network Fundamentals
    • CIS 0141 - Installing, Configuring and Administering a Client OS

Start by taking just a CIS IT class or two, take the corresponding CompTIA certification exams - now you are ready to start applying for an entry level position - learn more and make connections on the job.

Getting your foot in the door early is important, so you can start working your way up in the industry.

  • skip the general ed and just take the Tech Support courses for a CIS Tech Support Certificate

Required Courses

  • CIS 0026 Information and Communication Technology Essentials
  • CIS 0050 Applying Computer Software
  • CIS 0062 Business Information Systems
  • CIS 0065 Computer Network Fundamentals
  • CIS 0141 Installing, Configuring and Administering a Client OS
    or BUS 0116 Customer Service Skills
  • Plus 2 electives

General Ed courses are not required to get started in IT. There is no need to wait until you complete a degree to start to working in an IT career.

  • eventually take all the general ed and tech support courses for a full CIS Tech Support Associates Degree

Reasons to Start your IT Career in Tech Support with CIS

  • You don't have to make a long term commitment to try it
  • Start a career with ONE or two classes
  • Avoid college loan debt and prolonged college student poverty
  • Skip the general ed delay
  • State of the art lab classroom environment
  • Free software
  • Expert faculty
  • Internship work-site learning opportunities
  • Continuing education and career advancement
  • Skilled IT professionals are in demand
  • IT careers pay well

Industry Certifications

Together with work experience, industry certification has long been the norm in the information technology industry.
Our Tech Support courses are aligned with and prepare you to take corresponding industry certification exams, such as those administered for a fee by Pearson VUE, in Roseville and at PSA in Auburn. Pearson VUE Test Centers are privately owned, third-party testing facilities.

We have negotiated discounts for IT industry certification exams for our students.

Industry Certification Course #

Information & Communications Technology Essentials

CIS 0026

ComTIA Network+

Computer Network Fundamentals

CIS 0065

Microsoft Certified Professional (70-697)

Installing, Configuring and Administration a Microsoft OS

CIS 0141

Once on the job, take more classes, build more skills, get more certifications, and advance in your career.

More Benefits

  • The CIS department has just built a new hands on lab where you can:
    • Tear apart computers a watch them run with the pieces are all laid out on a workbench.
    • Practice installation and troubleshooting skills.
    • Work with a variety of routers, switches and hubs in a professional server rack.
  • CIS department students are eligible to receive a lot of free software from:
    • Microsoft Imagine Program
    • VMware Academic Program
  • Many employers will pay the costs and/or give raises for certifications.
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