Sierra Promise

Helping High School Students Go to College

Sierra Promise is a commitment to provide local high school students the opportunity to go to college.

We can help you fast track your educational goals:

  • Receive help with all the steps to get into college
  • Get earlier access to college classes
  • Explore careers and majors
  • Create a fast-track plan to complete your degree or certificate

Sierra Promise students can also earn college credit while in high school.

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How to Navigate mySierra for Sierra Promise, Two Years Free, and Financial Aid

Sierra Promise Benefits:

  • Receive priority registration for your first semester
  • Access scholarships and other financial support
  • Make Student Education Plans and Career Action Plans
  • Connect to counseling and success programs for more resources and support
  • Save time and money by completing your certificate or degree plan quickly

Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Graduate from a Sierra Promise partner high school
  • Apply to Sierra College, complete all pre-registration steps, and meet with a Sierra Counselor to develop your academic plan
  • Enroll in Sierra College your first semester after high-school graduation
  • Complete the FAFSA or California Dream Act Application

Your Commitment to Sierra Promise:

  • Participate in registration and orientation events sponsored by Sierra Promise.
  • Enroll in 30 or more units within your first year (summer, fall, spring).


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How else does Sierra Promise help with my transition to college?
Sierra Promise aims to connect all students to programs and services that can help with financial aid, registration support, academic counseling, and cultural identity! There are several programs we work especially close with to identify and connect historically underrepresented students.

Who is eligible for Sierra Promise?  
All students who attend one of our district partner high schools are initially eligible. Once a student completes an application for admission to the college, he/she will receive an invitation in their mySierra account to “Become a Promise Scholar.”
What does it mean to “Become a Promise Scholar?”
Students who commit to Sierra Promise get additional services and support. These include:

  • Priority registration for your first semester, an education and career plan, assistance with financial aid/scholarships
  • Referrals to support and success programs such as RISE, Guardian Scholars, Puente, EOPS, etc.
  • Referrals to additional career and academic resources
  • Workshops and events to help with registration and orientation

In return, Promise Scholars commit to the following:

  • Complete the FAFSA or Dream application
  • Participate in registration and orientation events sponsored by Sierra Promise
  • Enroll in 30 or more units within your first year (summer, fall, spring)

Do Promise Scholars also get their tuition paid for? 
Most likely! If you complete your end of the Sierra Promise commitment and are a California resident, you will be eligible to have your first two years of tuition covered through either the California College Promise Grant (need-based) or Two Years Free, also known as the AB2 State Promise Grant (non-need-based). 

Can you tell me more about the commitment to enroll in 30 or more units within my first year?
Happy to! First, the majority of our high school seniors graduate in June, so we define the first year as summer, fall, spring. Second, there’s a ton of research and data that shows that students who complete 30 units within that first year are more likely to:

  • Spend less in tuition and other school expenses
  • Borrow less in student loans so they have less education debt
  • Be potentially eligible for more grants and scholarships
  • Complete their goal
  • Complete their goal faster
  • Hit the job market sooner to earn money

So by enrolling and completing 30 units in your first year, we are helping you spend less, borrow less, finish faster, and earn money sooner. (You’re welcome!!)
What do Enrollment Specialists do?
Enrollment specialists visit all our district high schools regularly throughout the Fall and Spring semesters to provide assistance with the following:

  • Applications for admissions, financial aid, and support programs 
  • Career exploration 
  • Registration support
  • Connect students to their Transitions Counselor
  • Connect students to additional programs and services

What is a Transitions Counselor?
A Transitions Counselor is usually already a full-time high school counselor who has been trained to be a part-time Sierra College counselor as well.  They have hours at the high school sites to meet with students to discuss career goals and academic interest areas in order to plan the first three semesters of classes for each student. 
What is Sierra Promise Plus?
Sierra Promise aims to connect all Promise students to programs and services that can help them once they start their first semester.  There are a few programs we work especially close with to identify and connect historically underrepresented students.  
How does Sierra Promise benefit the community?
Several ways! Having the Enrollment Specialists and Transitions Counselors available in the high schools creates more access for students to college information and resources. It also allows Enrollment Specialists to have more access to students who may not be thinking of college and gives us the chance to inform them about First Year Free, academic and financial support, transfer opportunities, and short-term programs to start a career.  All of which contributes to a better-educated and better paid local workforce. 

We proudly partner with local high schools to provide a bridge from high school to college.

Specialists and counselors help with the following:

  • College readiness
  • Career exploration
  • Educational planning
  • Applications for admission, financial aid, and the enrollment process

Partner High Schools

Nevada Joint Union High School District
Bear River
Nevada Union
Nevada Union Adult School
North Point Academy
Silver Springs

Placer County Office of Education
iCARE – Placer County Pathways Charter
Koinonia – Placer County Community

Placer Union High School District
Confluence Continuation
Del Oro
Maidu Independent
Placer Adult School

Roseville Joint Union High School District
Adelante Continuation
Granite Bay
Roseville Adult School

Rocklin Unified High School District
Rocklin Independent Charter
Western Sierra Collegiate Academy

Western Placer Unified School District
Horizon Charter
Phoenix Continuation
Twelve Bridges


Sierra Promise is a partnership between the following:

  • K–12 and high school districts
  • Sierra College
  • CSU and UCs
  • The community

Together, we improve college readiness, access, and student success. Learn how you can get involved with Sierra Promise. 

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Removing the Barriers to College

With our partners, we are removing the barriers students face by:

Helping Students Get Money for College

We can help students with the following:

Connecting Classes to Careers

We help high school students find their career paths:

  • Our high school enrollment specialists and transitions counselors help students identify interests.
  • We offer classes in high schools where students explore interest areas while also earning college credit.

Providing a College Support Network

We help high school students enroll in college and find support:

  • Our high schools enrollment specialists and transitions counselors help students with applications. They also help with all enrollment steps.
  • We connect students to additional support programs and resources at Sierra College for ongoing help.

Get Involved with Sierra Promise

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