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Football History

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Conference Championships

Year Bowl/League Coach
2009 Valley Jeff Tisdel
2008 Valley Jeff Tisdel
2007 Valley Jeff Tisdel
2004 Mid Empire (11-0) Jeff Tisdel
2003 Bay Valley (11-0) Jeff Tisdel
2002 Bay Valley Jeff Tisdel
1990 Bay Valley Rex Chappell
1966 Golden Valley Buzz Ostrom
1961 Golden Valley Buzz Ostrom
1959 Golden Valley Buzz Ostrom

NOTE: 2002-2005 - Sierra College Football won 37 consecutive games, second longest win streak in California state history.

Bowl Games

Year Bowl Coach
2015 State Center Bowl (W) Ben Noonan
2013 San Francisco Community College Bowl Ben Noonan
2012 Bulldog Bowl Jeff Tisdel
2009 Premier West Bank Bowl Jeff Tisdel
2008 Premier West Bank Bowl (W) Jeff Tisdel
2007 Hawaiian Punch Bowl Jeff Tisdel
2006 Silicon Valley Bowl Ed Eaton
2005 Tri-Counties Bank Bowl (W) Jeff Tisdel
2004 Capital Shrine Bowl (W) Jeff Tisdel
2003 Capital Shrine Bowl (W) Jeff Tisdel
2002 Capital Shrine Bowl (W) Jeff Tisdel
2001 Capital Shrine Bowl Jeff Tisdel
1990 Redwoods Bowl Rex Chappell
1966 Lettuce Bowl Buzz Ostrom
1959 Olive Bowl Buzz Ostrom

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