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Women's Soccer: Athletes in Transition

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Caroline Stromick signing to attend University of Hawaii, Hilo.

 Year Player College
2013 Jasmin Lopez Univ. Texas Permian Bay
2013 Carissa Schlessinger Minot State
2013 Celene Johnson Minot State
2013 Tiffani Rice BYU Hawaii
2012 Janell Grace Univ Texas Permian Bay
2012 Caroline Stromick Univ. Hawaii Hilo - Scholarship
2012 Rebekah Anderson Cal State East Bay
2011 Jessica Parker Minot State - Scholarship
2011 Katie Puliam CSU Fullerton - Scholarship
2011 Rachel Sloss CSU East Bay
2011 Annie Dunne CSU East Bay
2011 Fredericka Brandt Webster College
2011 Kristina Stammer Point Park Univ.
2011 Anne Taylor UC Davis
2011 Lauren Brain Cal Poly SLO
2011 Angelica Gutierrez-McDonald UC Davis
2011 Beth Anne Milton Southern Oregon
2011 Kyleah Rozarrio San Francisco State
2011 Colleen Myers San Diego State
2011 Josephine Ruzette University of Oregon
2009-10 Audrey Richter Oregon State
2009-10 Elizabeth Scherrer Stanislaus State
2009-10 Rachel Myers Masters College
2009-10 Macie Kukral San Diego State
2009-10 Amanda Contartse Sacramento State
2009-10 Kelly McCavitt Sacramento State
2009-10 Lauren Rossi Sacramento State
2009-10 Jenna Smith University of Nevada Reno
2008-09 Morgan Lichtinger Notre Dame, Ohio - Scholarship
2008-09 Katie Freeman Notre Dame, Ohio - Scholarship
2008-09 Stephanie Jimenez Sacramento State
2008-09 Kristina Sprenger Sacramento State
2008-09 Genevieve Speas Southern Oregon
2008-09 Denaie White Chico State
2008 Lindsey Mair University of the Pacific
2008 Kara Stephens UC Davis
2008 Jillian Witzke Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
2008 Catie Miller Sacramento State
2007 Tara Morrison U.C. Davis
2007 Adrienne Dudley C.S.U. Stanislaus
2007 Leah Taylor C.S.U. Sacramento
2007 Caitlyn Buske San Francisco State
2007 Lauren Bakke San Diego State University
2006 Brianna Markstrom C.S.U. Stanislaus
2006 Amanda Perez U.C. Santa Barbara
2006 Kelley Ginney Seattle Pacific
2006 Kate Donaldson San Francisco State University
2005 Kate Brenneman San Francisco State University
2005 Kaori Takyu U.C. Berkeley
2005 Melody Grayem Western Missouri
2004 Nikki Anderson Albertson College, Idaho
2004 Ryann Lagomarsino Albertson College, Idaho
2004 Danielle Vanderlevn San Diego State University

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