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Sierra College offers a ton of student services that can help you, that is, if you know they exist. The best part of Sierra is that it builds a sense of community on campus that enables students to grow into the best possible “you” you can be. In this blog I will feature one of these fantastic services, help you find them and take out some of the mystery.

Sierra can prepare you for what happens after you leave, whether you plan on transferring or finding a job. I was scared, frustrated and overwhelmed before I found the Career Connections department. It has helped me in so many ways, sometimes I felt like it was my second home. I was able to get placed with an internship here at Sierra as the Blogger while learning the ins and outs of what a Communication Studies major is like. As I prepare to transfer to Sac State as a junior this spring, I feel confident and clear on how to follow my dreams, thanks a lot to this department.

Where is Career Connections?

The Career Connections department is located in the Winstead building on the left just past Counseling Center. Once you enter the room it instantly puts a smile on your face from all the handouts that assist any question or worry you may have about your major or career choice. 

What Career Connections offer? 

  • They hold numerous workshops from informing students on how to build resume to how to do a WOW interview.
  • They help students get placed in an internship program that is in their field of study to get a feel of what their major is like on a day-to-day basis. Not only is the experience fulfilling, but you can also earn college credits in the process. When applying for a college or university, listing that you have completed an internship can definitely give a student an upper hand.
  • They help students on finding a job. They understand the hardships of the economy and guides students on the available jobs around the area using Joblink.

For me, transferring from a community college to either a CSU or UC was really stressful and overwhelming. Career Connections helped me make the process easy and exciting while teaching me the differences between using the TAG program which stands for, Transfer Agreement Guaranteed, or the AA-T/AS-T which is transferring with an associate’s degree.

Sheila Dobbins, who helps facilitate Career Connections, is always willing to help a student with any question or concern they may have. As a student I know there are about a billion and one questions that run through our head about college, our majors, and even where do we go from here. This student service lays out options for students and guides them in a direction that’s always in their best interest.

Join Us: Career Connections &  College Transfer Day

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October 10, 2013: 10am-1:30pm

For everything Career Connections has to offer go here:

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