Sierra Sports Insider: Sierra Cheer makes tomorrow’s Homecoming a Classic…

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They make every Sierra College football game and event. They add class, style, color and boundless enthusiasm. They volunteer for countless Sierra events. They proudly wear the Cardinal and White at home and on the road. And the members of Sierra Cheer pay for it all themselves.

When John Volek took over as Sierra's athletic director a bit more than a decade ago, we decided to make every Sierra College game an EVENT (BOLD, ALL CAPS). Sierra Cheer, then under the direction of Liz Moss, was an integral part of that game plan. If you've ever been to a Sierra football game at The Buzz, you know what I'm talking about. Cheer leads the team out onto the field, they stunt and cheer—rain or shine—from the start of the game until the final gun, and they throw out the t-shirt bombs between the third and fourth quarters. This is a squad - now being coached by Lindsay Lopez, who recently took over for Vanessa Munoz - that has won numerous state and national awards.

And, they buy their own uniforms and pay their own expenses. Fans attending tomorrow's Homecoming Classic between Sierra and Foothill at The Buzz will have the opportunity to help Sierra Cheer continue their support of Sierra athletics. Until the end of the first quarter, $5 raffle tickets will be sold at the Sierra Cheer table at the main gate for a chance to win $100 at halftime. All proceeds go directly to Sierra Cheer. When you buy your $5 ticket, please be sure to thank them for their support of YOUR Wolverines!

There's a special halftime football game tomorrow between some local first-and-second-grade football teams. Should be fun to see all the future Wolverines! The Associated Students of Sierra College (ASSC) are sponsoring a $400 gift card raffle - $100 in gas and restaurant gift cards per quarter. No purchase necessary; every person entering the gate gets one raffle ticket.

See you tomorrow at The Buzz!

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