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Community college student athletes rarely get enough credit for their accomplishments. All of them spend countless hours at practice and games every week, many of them help support themselves and their families with part-time jobs, and ALL of them must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA. As a whole, the students in the athletic dept. have the highest overall GPA of any group of students on campus.

Let’s look at just a couple of examples of what Sierra teams accomplish academically. Coach Jason Gantt’s soccer team has, the past two years, posted one of the highest team GPAs in the country, and that includes teams at EVERY level, from JC to D1. Darci Brownell’s 2013 softball team had the ninth-highest national and highest California GPA. Rob Willson is proud of the fact every one of his sophomores graduates with their AA EVERY year. 

Those are just three examples. While Sierra teams get it done on the field and in the classroom, they also learn organizational skills, study skills, and the value of teamwork. Student athletes gain the ability to set goals and take constructive criticism…do they ever learn to take constructive criticism! Numerous four-year coaches have told me they like to recruit Sierra athletes because they know they’ll get someone prepared to be a success on the field and in the classroom.

Tonight (6:30pm against ARC), we honor five volleyball players wearing the Cardinal and White for the final time in a regular season match at Goto/Goldenberg Court. Tomorrow (1:00pm against ARC), 18 football players will step onto the turf at Homer “Buzz” Ostrom Stadium for the last time. Make some noise when you hear them introduced; they are the embodiment of the Wolverine Way. 

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