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Before Prop.30 passed and the economy improved, Community College budgets had been slashed and we were forced to cut classes and services. Then everything seemed to suddenly change. While we are a long way from complete restoration of our budget, we’ve been able each semester to add more and more classes back into our schedules and rehire some of the positions we lost.  But, as with most crises, we also found an opportunity to rebuild the college in a new way.

When Sierra sat back and looked at what we offer, we were pretty pleased that we had managed to preserve the fundamental programs dedicated to helping students succeed. In fact, pretty much across the board from the moment students apply until the day they graduate or transfer, we have the support services available to assist them. But what we didn’t have is a one-stop help center where students could find answers to their questions and get guidance on how to navigate the system. AHA!

And so was born the concept of the Hub, a student support center run by an amazing faculty leader Beth Ervin and a troop of dedicated and highly trained Student Ambassador Employees. The Hub has been running for just a few months now, but already they have made a huge impact. Last I heard they had helped over 5,000 students. This personal approach is the key to good customer service and will be a tool for student success for years to come.

If you have a question, ANY question about Sierra College, give them a call (916) 660-7300, write them an email, or visit them on the fourth floor of the Rocklin Library.  For more information about the hub:

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