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In my position as Marketing and Public Relations Manager I hear about almost all of the accomplishments of everyone at Sierra. The other day I got this email from a faculty member in our Computer Science Department stating, “We are in 2nd place in our division in The National Cyber League (NCL) | 2012 Pilot Season Standings with one game to go. If we can maintain our position this week, we'll go onto the playoffs as one of the top four teams. This came just as our Women’s Softball and Men’s Baseball teams were headed to the state championships.

It got me thinking about all of the ways Sierra leads, everywhere I look there is someone, some group, or some department doing something that is outstanding. Here are just a few of the most recent accomplishments;

There are many, many more. Soon I will devote an entire blog to the work that our Center for Applied Competitive Technologies is doing with local employers and high schools through their NSF Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) grant.

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