Distance Learning Online and Hybrid Classes
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Aimee Colvin Production Technician
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  • LR 131
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Chris Poling Distance Learning Support Specialist
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  • LR 128
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Corinne Rowland Instructional Designer, Distance learning
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  • LR 132
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Cynthia Birdsong Distance Learning Support Specialist
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  • LR 130
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Suzanne Davenport Distance Learning Coordinator
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  • LR 134
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Online Courses

Online courses are just as rigorous and demanding as our classroom courses. Students are expected to establish and maintain high levels of involvement and interaction throughout the semester.

With our Distance Learning offerings, you receive these benefits:

  • Select class schedules that fit your needs.
  • Earn the same credits as students taking the course in a classroom.
  • Learn the same course materials as students taking the course in a classroom.
  • Spend more time with your family, studying, or working with the time saved by not commuting to the campus.

Information for Current Online Students

Please remember that when you log into Canvas, your class may not appear until the first day of the semester.

If you are trying to add an Online course, please contact the instructor to obtain an add code if they are adding more students to their course. You can email the instructor by finding them in the faculty directory in mySierra.

Readiness Assessment

If you are new to Online Courses and are wondering how they will work for you, take our new Online Student Readiness Quiz!

Sample Online Course

If you want to get an idea of what a typical online course may look like join the sample course linked below. Any other questions? Visit our Help Center now!

Still uneasy about taking an online class?

Skill Development 10: How to Be a Successful Online Student is a course created for those students who have never taken an online course, or for those who would like to improve their own outcomes of online courses. This course is a 3-week, 1-unit course that will take place fully online and cover personal and technical skills necessary to succeed in an online environment. For more information, please see the course description in the class schedule.