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Online, Hybrid and Web-Enhanced Student Authentication and Definitions

Student Authentication Information

A course shell within Canvas, the institutions course management system, is automatically created with each new course generated through the Banner registration system. These shells can be used to develop online, hybrid and web-enhanced courses.

Each instructor teaching a course section in any modality automatically has a Canvas account generated and linked to their unique MySierra secure log-in and password. They then have the ability to develop the course in the online, hybrid or web-enhanced format depending upon how the section is offered.

Each student taking a course must use their unique MySierra secure log-in and password to access a course in Canvas. This password authentication that uniquely identifies the student ensures that they are in fact the student registered for the course, completing the material and receiving the academic credit.


Fully Online Course: This is an asynchronous course and does not require the student to attend campus. All instructional aspects of the course including lectures, assignments, projects, discussion board activity, assessments and communication options are presented in the online format.

In some instances, an instructor will require that students come to campus to take exams in a proctored environment or to attend a class orientation. If they live out of the area then the instructor may make arrangements to have an exam proctored at a remote location. This information needs to be made available to the student in the syllabus.

Hybrid Course: These blended courses are taught utilizing both the traditional and online classroom.Specific percentages of time used for each format is dictated by the course itself and approved through the curriculum review process. Lab courses are often taught as a hybrid course with the lecture portion being delivered online and the lab component conducted in the physical classroom.

Web-Enhanced Course: All courses can now be enhanced with Canvas. Instructors utilizing Canvas are able to use all of its features, including the lecture and assignment areas, communication, gradebook and discussion boards to display content for their on ground course sections. Canvas is only used to supplement a regularly scheduled on ground course so that students have additional access to course material and the ability to communicate online. It can NOT be used to replace the instructor’s obligation from being in the physical classroom.