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Dinosaur Day Science Fest

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  • Slide: Dig for fossils in the sandbox

    Dig for fossils in the sandbox

  • Slide: Watch as a real dinosaur bone is prepped by an expert.

    Watch as a real dinosaur bone is prepped by an expert.

  • Slide: Lots of fun activities for kids!

    Lots of fun activities for kids!

  • Slide: Buy educational and fun things!

    Buy educational and fun things!

  • Slide: See fun physics demonstrations!

    See fun physics demonstrations!

Events at Sierra College2016 Dinosaur Day Science Fest is over. Another one in 2017.

Photos from the 2016 Event. Photos by Daryl Stinchfield

Meet Rex: Fetch with Rex will be here with their 20 foot long T. rex named Rex. He is quite nice and likes to dance. He will be roaming, secured on his leash, the grounds at the event.

Rocket Wagon: In Sewell Hall we will be powering a little red wagon with a fire extinguisher. Come and see what happens when you let people use materials in ways they really aren't supposed to, but hey, it is all in the name of science.

Anatomy Dissections: In Sewell Hall Room 116. Hearts and eyes! See what these things look like on the inside and learn how they work. We will even have a real set of lungs that you can see fill with air.

Planetarium Shows: These show are limited to the first 50 people who obtain tickets 10-15 minutes before each show at the base of the stairs to the Planetarium in Sewell Hall. Please, no children under 8. It can be dark and frightening to the little ones.

Physics Shows: In Sewell Hall room 101. We have liquid nitrogen! Do you really need to know any more than that? Come and see our physicists play with their toys.

Exploding Watermelon: On the back lawn. Do we really even need a description for this? The name says it all!

Booths and Activities:

Indoor Area:

  • See real fossils being prepared by real paleontologists! Visit S-105 to see how it is done.
  • Make your own Dino puppets and work on a Dino puzzle in S-112.
  • Learn about the world of microorganisms. See glow-in-the-dark bacterial art. Located in S-114.
  • Get the facts about feathered dinosaurs and non-dinosaurian reptiles. Get to know the good stuff the paleontologists know. Located in S-115 and S-117.
  • The arthropods make up nearly 3/4 of all life on earth! Come and see some specimens of these amazing organisms from around the world in S-113.
  • Tend to all of your dinosaur shopping needs at our dinostore, located in S-110.
  • Looking for something a little bit more fancy but at a special, low price? Check out our silent auction, located in S-102.
  • Just want something for free! Who doesn't? Take a chance at our raffle. Located in S-102.
  • Take a picture with a Velociraptor in Sewell Hall. You will find him hiding near S-102.

Parking Lot Side of Sewell Hall:

  • Placer Nature Center will bring some fun activities and displays to share.
  • Make slime at the polymer ooze booth hosted by Sierra College Chemistry.
  • Has your sibling been touching you or even near you? Kill those cooties at our Cootie Killing booth hosted by the Sierra College Student Nursing Association.
  • Make your own official Dinosaur Day 2016 t-shirt. We provide the shirt with the design and you get to tie-dye it! ($6.00 to make your shirt). Hosted by the Sierra College Fashion Club.
  • Knock down towers with scaled down trebuchets. Destruction rocks! Hosted by the Sierra College Math Department.
  • Meet slithery, super snakes and other reptiles. Two professors from Fresno City College have come all this way to share the reptiles that they love.
  • Folsom City Zoo will be here to tell you a bit more about the wildlife in the region and what to do when you see it.
  • We all like it when our TV turns on when we want it to but, how does that happen? The Roseville Utility Exploration Center will be here with activities and information about that thing we take for granted - electricity and more.
  • Be part of the "Jurassic World" with Early Engineers. They will be hosting Dinosaur related activities and have ideas and opportunities to keep that fun going all summer long.
  • You can't eat them but you can paint them. Our new "Dino Cookies" this year are wonderful wooden cut-outs that you can paint and make your own. Just don't eat them, unless you are a beaver or a termite and can digest wood.
  • Get fingerprinted. Fingerprints are an individual, permanent record of you! Get yours recorded today!

Northwest of Sewell:

  • Camp EDMO will be here to share hands on activities designed by industry professionals and top SF Bay Area Museums. They will also tell you about ways that you can keep your child busy over the summer.
  • Get your face painted. Choose a dinosaur, a plant, a race car, whatever you please. We are ready to get you painted.
  • Archaeopteryx hats - you know you want one. Make yours. It will be all the rage in 2016.
  • Make your own Cartesian Divers and learn about ultra-violet light. Hosted by the Sierra College Physics Department.
  • Now is your chance to do something your parents told you not to do, no, not running with scissors, never do that, but look at the sun! Visit our solar viewing area to look at the sun with a telescope. Hosted by the Sierra College Astronomy Department.
  • Dig for fossils in our Dino Sand Box and while you are there provide some color for our sidewalk paintings with chalk.
  • See our "real" dinosaur! Lucky for you we keep him in a well made crate. He hasn't gotten out since last week. We are pretty sure he isn't hungry today.
    Complete a funsheet and get a small prize!
  • Become a Sierra College Naturalist. For $2.50 we provide an age-level workbook to complete. When you are done you earn a patch and the title: Sierra College Naturalist.


  • Good Dog Hot Dogs will be here. You know you want one! They will tend to all of your hunger needs!
  • The Coffee Cruiser is back. Get your coffee, espresso, iced mochas, fruit smoothies, shaved ice and more.

Kids 4 and under are free! If they decide to bring their older brother or sister, it is $7.00 for them, so long as they are 12 or younger. For the rest of us it is $10.00. Natural History Museum members with card get a discounted rate, $5 for children and $7 for adult members. FREE PARKING!

You can get your tickets that day, but you will have to stand in line! Want to spend less time in line, you can get your tickets in advance.

The Sierra College Natural History Museum is a non-profit, volunteer run organization. All of the proceeds from this event are used throughout the year to maintain our exhibits, provide programming and to make new and exciting installations in the facility. We cannot make the Museum perfect without you!

Map of Museum located on the Rocklin Campus of Sierra College

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