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Dinosaur Day Science Fest

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May 7, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Rocklin Campus S - Inside and around the grounds (Sewell Hall)
5100 Sierra College Blvd., Rocklin, CA 95677
Adults $10, Kids 4-7 $7, Kids under 4 FREE (subject to change)
Keely Carroll,, (916) 660-7923

Rain or shine, it's a fun-filled day designed for the whole family!

Event Details

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Dinosaur Day is back…this time with more explosions!!!

That’s right…Dinosaur Day is back with even more to see and do than before.

Since we know that you framed your archaeopteryx hat from last year, we were sure to keep some of your old favorites are part of the event. You can make a new archaeopteryx hat to camouflage you from the humans while you become your true reptilian self.

The Dino Cut Outs are back too. This incredibly popular craft from last season is back. We cut out over 1500 creatures out of wood using lasers, yes, lasers, for you to paint any way you would like!

Speaking of painting, you can finish your reptilian look by visiting our facepainting booth. Get decorated like a dinosaur or anything else that we can paint for you.

If you think that your look needs an accessory, may we suggest a dino puppet. In this area, young ones can make their dino puppets or fill out activity sheets while their parents get a chance to sit and color too.

Back by popular demand—tie-dye your own “official” Dinosaur Day 2017 t-shirt. You can do this activity for a small fee, just to cover the cost of the shirt and the dye. The Sierra College Fashion Club will be there to help you make your t-shirt as fashionable as possible. These were so popular last year that we sold out!!!

At Dinosaur Day we aren’t just about wildlife—we like outer space too! Come and get a chance to look directly at the sun—through our special telescopes that is. We will also be offering Planetarium shows during the day.

We also celebrate physics too—we will have physics shows during the day. We will also have a room full of physics “toys” that you can use to explore this scientific field. It sounds super serious but it is really all about knocking things over and creating chaos! We will also have some crafts and activities too. Oh, and we can’t forget about the rocket wagon…we know that you all would like to see what happens when you play with fire exinguishers.

You can learn about the microbial world by seeing our fluorescent bacteria. These are bacteria into which we have inserted the gene for fluorescence from a jelly! Not the food, the animal. Yes, at Sierra College we can make genetically modified organisms!!!

Our chemistry department is happy to help you make slime because we know that this is the one thing that all parents really want their children to take home from the event, and then take out later, at dinner, to show everyone.

How about looking inside of something that can see you? We have eye and heart dissections happening at the event. We even have real lungs that you can inflate! It's only kinda gross.

We will have Rex at the event again this year. This 6-foot long baby T. rex will be wandering the event, saying hi to one and all. Don’t worry, he is on a leash. Our other dinosaur, well, we will be keeping him in his box, he is cranky. You can visit him too over next to where you can search for your own dino fossils. We will also have a couple of other “dinosaurs” wandering the event as well.

We will also have live bats, snakes and lizards. We will have “fossils” you can dig out of ice blocks. You will be able to learn about the wildlife of our area and how you can be a local conservation hero.

You will be able to see real fossils being prepared. You can talk to people who can tell you how you can become a paleontologist yourself too!

And…yes…explosions…we will have exploding watermelon again but new this year, we are also going to fill soap bubbles with methane and light those on fire. Yes, fireballs!

There will also be food trucks with a variety of food and drinks.

Program, schedule and map

Kids 4 and under are free! If they decide to bring their older brother or sister, it is $7.00 for them, so long as they are 12 or younger. For the rest of us it is $10.00. Natural History Museum members with card get a discounted rate, $5 for children and $7 for adult members. FREE PARKING!

You can get your tickets that day, but you will have to stand in line! Want to spend less time in line, you can get your tickets in advance.

Photos from the 2016 Event. Photos by Daryl Stinchfield

If you are interested in seeing what the event was like last year check out this video at:

The Sierra College Natural History Museum is a non-profit, volunteer run organization. All of the proceeds from this event are used throughout the year to maintain our exhibits, provide programming and to make new and exciting installations in the facility. We cannot make the Museum perfect without you!

Map of Museum located on the Rocklin Campus of Sierra College

Sponsored by: Natural History Museum, ASSC

For more information:

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