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Accreditation 2013–2019

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Accreditation Steering Committee (ASC) 2019

• Jane Haproff, Academic Senate President

• Rebecca Bocchicchio, Dean, Liberal Arts

• Johnnie Terry, Academic Senate President

• Aimee Myers, Curriculum Chair

• Beth Ervin, Coordinator, The Hub (Student Success)

• Sue Michaels, Director, Marketing/PIO

• Mandy Davies, Vice President, Student Services

• Vernon Martin, Faculty, SLO Task Force

• Christy Karau, Faculty, SLO Task Force

• Sonia Klenner, Faculty, SLO Task Force

• Soni Verma, Faculty, SLO Task Force

• Erik Cooper, Dean, Research, Planning and Resource Development

• Jason File, Faculty, SLO Technician