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Outcomes Assessment

Assessment must be an integral part of any successful institution. A well planned and executed assessment process will help the college accomplish its mission and goals.

Our Mission Statement

Sierra College provides a challenging and supportive learning environment for students having diverse goals, abilities, and needs interested in transfer, career and technical training, and life long learning. The College’s programs and services encourage students to identify and to expand their potential. Sierra College students will develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to become engaged and contributing members of the community.

Outcomes assessment helps align instruction and student services in order to meet program and institutional goals. In the classroom assessment can dramatically improve teaching effectiveness and student learning. Outside the classroom it informs institutional effectiveness and improvement. Outcomes assessment is systematic , ongoing and involves the entire Sierra College community.

We assess at the institutional level (ISLOs), program level (PSLOs, instructional and student services), and course level (CSLOs). We assess because we have an obligation to our educational community and through the assessment process we become better at what we do.