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Get Help with Your Technical Issues

Technology help is available at Student Tech Support. We can assist current students with a variety of college-related technical issues.  

Concerned about not having a device or internet access to do your school work? Complete the Student Technology Request Form.  

Looking for self-help technical guides? View our Student Tech Support video tutorials and student help articles.

Student Technology Request Form
We provide assistance with web services and programs needed for class, including Canvas, Pearson and McGraw-Hill. For help with homework, visit the Tutor Center

Experiencing Canvas or other technology issues? Schedule 15-minute appointments via Sierra Connect.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is our course hosting management system. It’s where you can participate in your classes online via a computer or mobile app. 

To learn Canvas basics, check out:

What is Adobe Creative Cloud? 

Adobe Creative Cloud offers apps, creative work and learning resources. Use these Adobe Creative Cloud instructions to gain free access to them from your personal device(s).

This on-campus service is not available at this time. 

We can help you learn how to login, add money to your account, and check your balances. We provide support for Learning Commons printers.

You can also use these instructions on how to pay-to-print.

Let us show you how to access your web apps and how to collaborate with classmates.

Summer/Fall 2020 Announcement 
Any student requiring the use of Adobe software that would otherwise be available by using the on-campus computer labs, we now have another solution that will not add a financial burden for students. If you enroll in a course requiring this software, your instructor will provide you with instructions on how to access the software.

Microsoft One Drive
If you're still carrying around a flash drive, USB or thumb drive or any other portable file storage option, this tutorial is for you. Learn how to use OneDrive to save data to an offsite or remote storage system.

How to Convert Pages (Mac) to Other Formats
Learn how to convert documents in Mac to PDF, Word, etc.

Microsoft Office 365
Learn how to access Microsoft Office 365, an integrated experience, that includes access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS office downloads, Cloud file sharing, and more. These applications are updated monthly with the latest features and security updates.

Zoom Basics
Learn how to use Zoom, a remote conferencing tool, that Sierra College uses to conduct instruction remotely.

We can help connect phones and laptops to the Sierra College Wi-Fi networks. We can also help figure out the cause of an issue and provide advice on what steps to take to remedy an issue.

Free Wi-Fi on Rocklin and Nevada County Campuses

Free Wi-Fi is available to students at both our Rocklin and Nevada County Campuses. Wi-Fi is available at Rocklin in the S Lot and at NCC in Lots 7 and 8. There is guest access available, as well as secure access through MySierra.

Students are welcome to use the network for access but we request that you stay in your cars.

There is no Wi-Fi outside at our Tahoe-Truckee Campus at this time.

Reduced Cost or Free Internet Access/WiFi

Visit California Community Colleges for a list of primary internet service providers offering free or low-cost internet access and WiFi.

Contact Student Tech Center

Rocklin Campus LR 220 (Learning Commons)
Phone: (916) 660-7225
Hours: Monday- Thursday, 7:00 am - 5:30 pm