International Students: Academic Options

Colleges and Universities in the United States require a wider breadth of courses in undergraduate study than educational systems in many other countries. Students in the United States may take introductory courses in several fields, including humanities, science and mathematics, along with pre-major courses, before taking the advanced courses in their major field.

Sierra College offers students the opportunity to take the same lower-division courses they would take at a four-year college or university, but at a lower cost.

Sierra College offers an ever expanding list of programs and curriculum taught by award winning faculty. By emphasizing student success as one of our core values, Sierra has become widely recognized for our achievements.


Sierra successfully prepares many graduates to transfer to top quality universities to complete their final two years of undergraduate work. A large number of our students transfer to the University of California and California State University system attending schools such as world famous schools, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UCLA. Some students may also transfer to private universities or to other states.

A student at Sierra College can, therefore, complete general education and major courses at Sierra College at a substantially lower cost in terms of tuition fees before transferring to a university.

Our counselor provides individualized services to help our students transition from Sierra College to the four-year college or university of their choice. Students can attend application workshops and arrange individual appointments with university representatives.

Sierra may be right for you:

  • Successful transfer to a number of California and private Universities.
  • Most faculty members have Master’s Degrees or higher.
  • Compared to four-year institutions, Sierra’s tuition is very affordable.
  • Our experienced Transfer Center staff helps students prepare for transitioning to a university.