International Students: Cost and Fees

Sierra College offers a high quality education at an affordable price.

Annual tuition and fees amount to one third the cost of California State Universities, and one quarter of the cost of the Universities of California (based on 2 semesters).

This is a listing of estimated fees and expenses for international students attending Sierra College. This information may be used as a guideline; costs of living, books, etc. may vary per student.

Tuition fee and enrollment fee below are based on 24 units – 12 units per semester – Fall & Spring. Actual fees are determined by the number of units students select to enroll in.

Fee Amount
Application Processing Fee
(non-refundable; however, funds are credited toward tuition at the time of registration)
Enrollment Fee ($46 per unit) $1,104
Non-Resident Tuition ($251 per unit) $6,024
Capital Outlay Fee ($21 per unit) $192
Campus Health Services Fee $40
Sierra College Mandatory Health Insurance $1,397
Books $400
Student Center Fee $10
Total College Expenses $9,267
Annual Estimated Living Expenses Amount
Living Expenses: On-Campus Housing (including room & meals) $7,400
Living Expenses: Off-Campus Housing (estimated) $7,900
Personal expenses (transportation, clothes, recreation, etc) $1,290*
Total Estimated Living Expenses and Tuition Fees $17,000

Note: Fees are subject to change without notice.

*Living expenses may vary with individual student needs and tastes.