RISE Will Guide You to Academic Success

If you have just graduated from high school and plan to attend Sierra, RISE is a new guided pathway academic support program designed just for you. If you are accepted into the RISE program you will be assigned a success team that includes counselors, peer mentors, financial aid support, success coaches and academic support from your first day at Sierra until you complete your degree, certificate or transfer to a four-year school. RISE will also provide you priority reserved seats in core classes until completion over a two to three year period.

RISE students

RISE is an academic support program for new, first-time college students, including underserved, historically marginalized, and historically underrepresented students.

Program benefits include:

  • Priority registration – achieve your educational goal faster!
  • A Strong Support Team including:
    • RISE counselors
    • Success Coaches
    • Peer mentors
    • Financial aid specialist
    • Dedicated tutoring 
  • Exclusive access to the RISE Center (lounge, study space, personal and academic support, laptops, and calculators)
  • Field Trips, Events, Workshops, and Visits to 4-Year Universities
  • Conferences
  • Team-building, Leadership, and Networking Opportunities

The RISE Center

RISE students can access the RISE Center where they can study, socialize, receive academic support, success coaching, and counseling. The RISE Center also provides laptops and calculators for RISE students to utilize and it hosts success and skill-building workshops throughout the year.

RISE center reception

RISE Learning Community Cohorts

Black Men of Excellence (BME)
Open to all RISE students interested in a cohort that integrates historical and current information related to African American male experiences and identities.
Open to all RISE students interested in a cohort that incorporates cultural, holistic styles of learning that focus on the student as a whole, taking into account physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Particular focus on indigenous/Native American and Pacific Islander identities.
Advancing Latin@s Achieving Success (ALAS)
Open to all RISE students interested in a cohort that integrates historical and current information related to Latin@ experiences and identities.
Former Foster Youth, Guardian Scholars Program (GSP)
Open to highly motivated RISE students who have at least one day of foster care experience from 0-18 years old interested in a cohort that integrates information related to foster youth experiences.
General RISE Cohorts
Open to all RISE students.

Contact RISE

Rocklin Campus LR 446

  • Fall and Spring Hours
    M-Th: 9:30am - 5:00pm
    F: 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Nevada County Campus N2 inside Learning Center

  • Fall and Spring Hours
    M-F: 10:00am - 2:00pm