Sierra College Marketing, Communications and Public Information Office Earns Five Awards

April 24, 2023
Sierra College Marketing Team group picture
Sierra College Marketing Team (left to right): Josh Morgan, Kristin Rothwell, Matthew Lyon, Drew Lenox, Danielle Barclay, Rachael Greve, Dea Burlew and Farnaz Labbaf.

Awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze

The Sierra College Marketing, Communications, and Public Information Office recently earned five national and regional awards for educational marketing and communication. Nationally, Sierra College was awarded Bronze Paragon awards from the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations (NCMPR) and Gold, Silver and Bronze awards from the California Community College Public Relations Organization (CCPRO).

Screenshot of Sierra College homepage

Website Category

The Sierra College website redesign won a national bronze Paragon award from NCMPR and a Silver award from CCPRO. 

One of the judges noted, “Images throughout the website show a diverse student population including older students and veterans. These are the best photos I’ve seen during this judging. Photos show a vibrant, engaged community. Very welcoming. I like the use of color on the buttons. It helps direct the eye to calls to action.”

Another judge said, “Content is excellent – exactly what you need and not overwhelming.” View entire homepage.

You Can Campaign: It Starts with Sierra College

Campaign Category

The You Can enrollment campaign was awarded a Gold CCPRO Award for Marketing Campaign.

Judges said, “This was a well-designed campaign with very consistent messaging, bright branding, colors and photographs, and everything was very easy to read and understand. Great job!” View entire campaign ad.

Wild Card Category

In the Wild Card category, NCMPR and CCPRO awarded Sierra College Graphic Design Specialist Kerrie Cassidy with a Bronze for her My Golden State Scrapbook project. The 18-page scrapbook was designed for a Sierra College Natural History Museum Free Saturday event so the participants could explore the museum and interact with museum volunteers to craft, create, and journal. 

One of the judges commented, “Geared to a more “future” student but including parents as well. A creative ‘soft sell’ success!” View entire scrapbook.

Golden State Scrapbook on black background

About the Team

The Sierra College Marketing, Communications and Public Information team includes:

  • Kerrie Cassidy, Graphics Specialist
  • Matthew Lyon, Student Communications Specialist
  • Kristin Rothwell, Web Content Specialist
  • Chris Poling, Video Production and Support Specialist
  • Drew Lenox, Marketing Project Manager
  • Dea Burlew, Student Employee
  • Farnaz Labbaf, Student Employee
  • Danielle Barclay, Administrative Assistant
  • Josh Morgan, Director of Marketing and Community Relations

Several of the award-winning projects were created working with partners across Sierra College including many who participated in the discovery and focus group process for the website as well as the Website Redesign Committee and Executive Sponsors. Additionally, My Golden State Scrapbook was inspired and designed by Rachael Greve, Sierra College Natural History Museum Director, as an outreach tool.